Opponents of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani hold a protest outside the Iranian embassy in west London.. (photo credit: REUTERS)

Our World: The Iranian Explosion of Truth

If the Iranian regime is unable to brutally stomp out the countrywide protests raging through the country, and if the protesters achieve their goal of bringing down the regime, they will go down in history as the saviors of millions of people not just in Iran but throughout the world.

Given the earth shattering potential of the protests it is extraordinary to see the liberal media in the US and Europe struggle to downplay their significance.

Aside from a lukewarm statement on Twitter from British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, as of Monday morning – five days into the protests – no senior European official had spoken in favor of the hundreds of thousands of Iranians marching throughout their country demanding freedom.

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We All Agree, We Could Have Better Choices for Candidates – Here’s What We Have To Do Next

Let’s backup a bit before this election and before I do I want to reiterate once again yes it was a very poor display and attitude by Trump with Billy Bush as well as Trump a man overall — there is no one that will claim this is raising the

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A Question, No Matter What Your Political Affiliation

Just What Are You Pretending Not to Know? Have you become a member of the global as well as local society that prides yourself in opinions that carry no intrinsic value? listens with your eyes and immediately puts value on limited content? believes in self-assertion is a truth? believes your

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OK, The Gig is On, Where Do We Go From Here?

We Need to Take the Lead In What We Believe Instead of Being Told What to Believe Films, as well as many paintings after the revolution, and nearly all our books have either minimal racial diversity in their content as well as portray blacks as slaves. When you visit the

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What We Need To Regain and What Our Founding Fathers Understood

What We Need to Regain True quality leaders understand one simple principle… Humility begets Respect which begets Honor People are ready to give respect as soon as the recognize humility — and as time proves the truth of that humility, that respect becomes honor. This is a principle that cannot be

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