Latest Updates to Why COVID-19 Is More Than A Seditious Biological Attack

UPDATE: 28-July-2020: Facebook, Google/YouTube, Twitter Censor Viral Video of Doctors’ Capitol Hill Coronavirus Press Conference because it doesn’t follow the narrative of the failed WHO. WHO has already proven to be corrupt as has CDC as the stats are totally untrustworthy and their response to this bacteria labeled as a virus was so mishandled that POTUS pulled the U.S. out of WHO totally and told CDC they are not to receive any more medical data concerning C19.

Why the COVID-19 being feared as a death threat when the highest level for any country (and an open border country, at that) is 3.7% and many countries are below 1.5%? Why is the public reaction so highly over rated to the actual numbers? In the past, this lead to some interesting discoveries, what are those discoveries today?

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Your Help Is Needed

Looking for direction here — I want to assess the voting records, PAC money and favoritism of EVERY current Congressman and Senator. We can always find out what they cherish by where they focus where they invest their time who is providing the largest contributions what interests are being supported by

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