VENEZUELA: No food, just looting: The Hot Start to 2018

On the streets of Caracas, you hear it again and again: “this is gonna blow.”

Del dicho al hecho, un solo trecho, [ From the saying to the fact, only one stretch, ] since shortages and the high prices of food on these first 6 days of 2018 have done some damage to worker’s pockets and caused rioting and saqueos [ looting ] in several regions of the country.

Events that, if it weren’t for social media and coverage from independent media outlets, would be completely ignored or dismissed.

The topic is not discussed in mainstream or official media nor in Maduro´s government cabinet.

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A Call to Character and Proper Protocol

In his General Orders of 2-May-1778, George Washington noted that there is a higher calling to that of being called a Patriot, and it is that of being called Christian. Part of being an observer and student of history, we need to learn among other things to observe reactions, cause

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