Schools Are Teaching Their Students How to Deal with Active Shooters

You are your kids’ best line of defense (or should be!) – however, you can’t always be around them, which means they need to learn to depend on themselves and not anyone or anything else as the first line of defense…

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Why It Is Better To Own A Gun Than Not

Those ignorant of guns get nervous about guns — this is natural with ANY item that can damage someone or remove them from life altogether very quickly. However, many will let their emotions control their ignorance, and instead of making themselves available to learn, they will choose to remain ignorant and under the control of their emotions — which is the most fickle of traits of all humans. How wise and limiting is that, really? As I tell my neighbors both here in Brasil and in the U.S., if you’re for gun control, fine, then I’ll control my gun and keep it stored when I see someone snooping around your…

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