A Question, No Matter What Your Political Affiliation

The conveniences we have around us have made us WAY too complacent – and that was purposely planned. Now, what are you going to do about it all? (archive https://archive.ph/TR78L)

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Why Are Palestinians and Their Supporters Mocking the Qur’an?

The purpose of this longer-than-normal post is to assist those of you who are unsure of the facts and lack the confidence to present when being challenged on the Israel / Palestinian issue, taking a step-by-step approach. (archive https://archive.ph/5qOxf)

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Faith Is Not the Same As Religion – Why You Most Likely Have It Wrong

Religion is man’s doctrine and explanation of faith. Truth is not a matter of a correct perception but a matter of a righteous perception. Christ established this fact when addressing the Sadducees who unfortunately believed they had the correct perception of faith. Throughout the Bible, however, faith does not require doctrine – never has, never does, never will… (archive https://archive.ph/sPWiu)

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