A Question, No Matter What Your Political Affiliation

The conveniences we have around us have made us WAY too complacent – and that was purposely planned. Now, what are you going to do about it all? (archive https://archive.ph/TR78L)

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A Response to An Anonymous Note About Trump…

Without a doubt, the media has a narrative to follow (which usually arrives at 4 am in every news studio from Gannett) – and they have been doing this long before Trump arrived on the scene, even as a real estate mogul. So let’s break down their accusations and fake news, shall we? (archive https://archive.ph/ZN6G6)

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Racism Exists Because of Slavery: “after this, therefore because of this”

Racism today is a word tossed around to intimidate people – and most of the time the accuser themselves are the ones who are truly racist. So what IS racism and how does it spread in reality?

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Two women argue about the treatment of a U.S. flag as people gather to protest against Republican U.S. presidential nominee Donald Trump on the sidewalk outside of the grand opening of his new Trump International Hotel in Washington, U.S. October 26, 2016. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

If You Believe We Are Still A Nation of Angry People, Here Is What You Can Do

Came across something of interest on Joe Bertyak’s Facebook wall while searching for new friends and he had me wondering just how many of you, how many of us, feel the same? His web site The Patriot Watch is a Veteran owned, Veteran operated and you can catch him on air with his blogradio broadcast 7-days a week from 8 – 9 pm EDT and 9 – 11 pm EDT Here’s what he shared on his wall, will share the author’s name when we have permission to do so (at the end of this, we follow up with a closing statement as well)… I’m angered to see that we live in…

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Illustration: The foundation of Tel Aviv 1909 (GPO)

Archaeological and Historical Artifacts vs Revisionist History and Antisemitism

Revisionist history combined with decades of supporting propaganda from professionally biased sources has been lying to the global population. There are no records of archaeological, historical artifacts, nor discoveries that can validate any indigenous Palestinian language nor currency unique to indigenous Palestinians. (archive https://archive.ph/kbvOV)

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