One Question for Everyone Anti-Israel…

Today’s governments believe they can do what others couldn’t accomplish in the last 3500 years. One has to only see from all the original source documents available today that the ONLY people that have been able to thrive on the land known as Israel are the Jews. Any and every country that has chased the Jews out of their land saw the land turn to unusable dust… (archive

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Lack of Wisdom: Why SCOTUS Is Ignoring Why Our Country Was Founded

Believing in God is not enough as even Satan believes in God… Knowing about God is not enough as even Satan knows about God… Reading and memorizing scripture is not enough as many will do so only with an agenda to twist the content to their own liking… What separates the two is obedience to what God wants for us… and that includes you, that includes SCOTUS (

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What Our Founding Fathers Understood Is What We Need To Regain

The level of spiritual relationship with our Heavenly Father, their brain power, decisiveness, and courage has never been equaled – our failure to rise to their level of good character needs to be corrected, NOW (archive

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