Failing to Shift = Broken Tethers + Whiners

Whiners are cowards – they lean on their emotions not wisdom, not discernment, and definitely are unwilling to learn… Time to tell the to put up or shut up! (archive )

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Why Are So Many Surprised? Perhaps They Underestimated the Undercurrent of Nationalism over Globalism?

The underestimation of the undercurrent of Nationalism over Globalism is why many failed to see what would be coming with the 2016 election… Not to mention the constant cover-up of Hillary’s and Podesta’s emails — and as damaging as they are, it is only frosting on the cake to the Nationalism / Globalism denial occurring in too many circles. It is so rampant that I am tempted to ask just what are the pretending not to know… In the U.S. as well as globally, Trump stands for Nationalism, which means along with it comes the protection of borders the protection of sovereignty they protection of liberty the protection of freedom the protection…

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ROCHESTER, NH - SEPTEMBER 17: Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump listens to a question during a town hall event at Rochester Recreational Arena September 17, 2015 in Rochester, New Hampshire. Trump spent the day campaigning in New Hampshire following the second Republican presidential debate. (Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images)

How Millions of Americans Will Know ‘You’re hired!’

Stephen Moore is an economic advisor to Donald Trump and an economist with Freedom Works. src: NY Post | By Stephen Moore | November 12, 2016 | 5:40pm How Trump will tell millions of Americans ‘You’re hired’ When Donald Trump said last week that he will double the American growth rate, his skeptics scoffed. The left doesn’t think 4 percent growth is possible because they never came close to that target under Obama. But there’s no law of nature or economics that says America is doomed to anemic growth rates. We believe with the right policy fixes that fast growth is not just possible, but probable. In the 1980s the Reagan agenda had quarterly…

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President-Elect Trump Ignores the 60 Minutes Agenda And Focuses On the American People

In his first MSM interview since being elected, Donald Trump, then Donald and Melania, followed by the entire family were interviewed on 60 Minutes (recorded the Friday before). I don’t have a copy of the Obama interview from 8 and 4 years ago, but I would not be amiss in saying it would not have been as full of land mines and hand grenades as this one. And the MSM wonders why they are considered biased? My thought and notes of the interview in which Trump maintained the control and direction of the conversation quite elegantly…  You can see segments of the interview here or you can elect to join…

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