The Electoral College – Avoiding Highly Populated Districts From Running the Entire Country

So What IS the Electoral College? A bunch of people, 538 exactly, who are supposed (but not necessarily do) represent the majority vote in their area. You can read more of it, about it and it’s reason for being in our Constitution as part of our checks in balances in the National Archives here. The mechanics of all this as well as the principles of the Electoral College are much more complicated. Like anything else, in order…

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Weigh His Words Carefully, Trump Doesn’t Serve Fluff

I haven’t come to endorse anyone yet, however I do know many are NOT listening to what Trump says. He said and he could run the campaign solo if he wanted to…. He’s wiser than that and knows people want to help, and many of the general public are lining up with him. If RedState Conservatives or ANY other conservative group as well as the GOP wants to distance themselves, he doesn’t have a problem…

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The True Test of Any Person Comes When Character Meets Mistakes

The true test of any person comes when character meets mistakes, especially when the mistake has a high level of sensitivity and/or impact on many people. Retired Lt General Flynn choose integrity… Which is FAR ABOVE a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g the previous administration as well as what Hillary choose in the last 8 years.. And in view of history, far above anything during their entire lives of both Obama and the Clinton’s for that matter. Retired Lt General…

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A Question, No Matter What Your Political Affiliation

Just What Are You Pretending Not to Know? Have you become a member of the global as well as local society that prides yourself in opinions that carry no intrinsic value? listens with your eyes and immediately puts value on limited content? believes in self-assertion is a truth? believes your beliefs are a truths? is robust in seeking out like minded so not to feel alone? Have you abandoned seeking wisdom almost entirely? learning the…

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Assistant FBI Direct McCabe: I’m leaving office in March – President Trump: NO DEAL

Posted by sundance, The Conservative Treehouse (The Last Refuge) To put a fine point on the anticipatory fireworks for mid-January, let us remind ourselves of what can be anticipated when everyone gets back to DC from the holiday break. Following a week of growing pressure and sunlight, last week Asst. FBI Director Andrew “Andy” McCabe used The Washington Post -the PR transmission media of the Deep State Intelligence Community- to announce his career saving terms….

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Blowing The Lid Off of The Biggest Political Scandal in American History

For those who are unfamiliar with this gentleman, this is Dan Bogino – a former Secret Service agent that was on protection duty for Obama.

We are presuming it was not the best years of his career but it was very educational and motivational for him as he has been sharing a lot with us since then.

He has some insight into the recent Mueller and other events that may look unrelated… yet are…

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Single-Handedly and Within One Year

A friend claimed that Donald Trump wouldn’t make a good president; he is brash, he is racist, he is a loudmouth; you know the normal things people learn to recite after being programmed by television news. The one I loved was that, “Trump is arrogant.” My friend questioned if one man could make “that much difference in the world today.” To my friend’s credit, she was respectful enough to let me respond when she asked,…

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We All Agree, We Could Have Better Choices for Candidates – Here’s What We Have To Do Next

Let’s backup a bit before this election and before I do I want to reiterate once again yes it was a very poor display and attitude by Trump with Billy Bush as well as Trump a man overall — there is no one that will claim this is raising the bar nor a way to build character. Trump did not claim to be a Christian 11 years ago, not so sure what his stance is…

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To Mr. Priebus As Well As the GOP and DNC Establishments

I and many, many others, are working hard for Trump where we live and based upon evidence surfacing on the internet and elsewhere, based upon the evidence of your own actions during Mr. Trump’s campaign, You really need to wake up and know that the Trumpers are not stupid as you and the establishment seem to believe. We know that the RNC is behind the sabotage of the Trump campaign, most recently in Virginia, the…

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How President Trump Really Beat the Media?

President Trump’s end year remarks to the New York Times acerbically summed up his relationship with the media.

“I’m going to win another four years… because newspapers, television, all forms of media will tank if I’m not there.”

The answering outburst of rage and contempt from the media burned all the hotter because the statement was not only intentionally provocative; it was also true.

The media has never been able to quit Trump.

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What Happened? Trump Won; You, dear Hillary, Lost

When you surround yourself with liars have the Mainstream Media on a tether keep lying to your colleagues (and many cases threatening them) keep lying to your friends, your family, and even yourself Then you never have a clue to what is real and what is fabrication. That, dear Hillary, is What Happened. Mike Cernovich reviews Hillary Clinton’s book, ‘What Happened’ — Hillary apparently likes pouring a sad case of pathology over what is already…

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