A Decisive Plan for Post-Obama Administrations

Let’s start by saying I am not endorsing any particular person for any office but we will promote any ideas and plans that will protect our liberty — and a post on Daniel Bongino‘s facebook post on Sun, 22-Mar-2015 does just that. His focus is excellent as is his experience — he once protected the person portraying to be the U.S. President… One can only imagine what he has seen with this U.S. President but can’t share — I say this as I have family in the higher levels of the Pentagon and they have to draw a line even with family. I am presenting Daniel’s post here as it is the…

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Liberty is Being Challenged at All Levels – Seen and Unseen – via the Internet

Liberty is being challenged at all levels — especially from the internet… One of the more popular comebacks by the left lately, at least at this end, is ‘All that information on the internet and still can’t get his (her) facts right’. Actually, it is a comeback by both sides of the political fence and it hardly breeds any integrity of the author when it is coming out of the side of their mouth… I’m quite sure most here know the internet is NOT a fact bin — it is more like a digital National Enquirer with the best – and factual – information hidden right in front of most….

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Sorry Obama, Orlando is NOT a Gun Control Issue, it is a Jihadist Attack

EVERY time there is a mass shooting, the gun control advocates come crawling out pointing to their evidence — gun control is a Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc Fallacy that the nervous want to avoid discussing. Deaths by guns is 50% of what it was 40 years ago and not once have we seen anyone who is a member of the NRA being convicted as being a terrorist nor mass shooter — yet who do they blame? That reasoning is as sound as blaming car manufacturers for lousy drivers that kill… for knife manufactures for making knives too sharp… for the Louisville slugger for being an American icon trademark… Draw…

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