Center for Security Policy Occasional Paper Exposes a Perfect Storm of Threat

CENTER OCCASIONAL PAPER EXPOSES A PERFECT STORM OF THREAT:  PORT CANAVERAL CONTAINER LEASE TIED TO RUSSIAN CLUB-K MISSILE SYSTEM (Washington, DC): A new Center for Security Policy Occasional Paper being released today [ 14-November-2017 ] picks up where our earlier December 2016 paper, “What Could Possibly Go Wrong?” left off. Additional research

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In Message to North Korea, US Deploys 3 B-2 Stealth Bombers to Guam

The U.S. Air Force announced it has deployed three nuclear-capable B-2 stealth bombers and 200 air personnel to Guam — sending a strong signal to North Korea just a few days after its talks with South Korea.

The B-2s join a number of B-1 conventional bombers already deployed on the Pacific island.

It is unclear how long the B-2s will stay at Andersen Air Force Base in Guam.

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Panmunjeom, The ‘Real’ DMZ, And A Tourism Of Tragedy

The truce village may be the Koreas most iconic landmark, but it bears little resemblance to the Korean frontline; Asia Times Northeast Asian correspondent takes you there – and dispels a few misconceptions

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North Korea Accepts Offer to Meet With South Korea for Peace Talks Next Week

North Korea on Friday morning accepted South Korea’s proposal for official talks and are scheduled to have person-to-person talks next Tuesday.

South Korea’s Unification Ministry Baik Tae-hyun told reporters that North Korea informed them by fax at 10:16 a.m. local time that they have accepted their proposal for talks, CNN reported:

The person-to-person talks will be held January 9th at the Peace House, located on the South Korean side of the village of Panmunjom, located in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) between the 2 nations, Baik said.

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N. Korea Reopens Cross-Border Communications With S. Korea

POSTED BY HYUNG-JIN KIM, AP / MCCLATCHY SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA — North Korean leader Kim Jong Un reopened a key cross-border communication channel with South Korea for the first time in nearly 2 years Wednesday as the rivals explored the possibility of sitting down and talking after months of acrimony and

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