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Don’t Look At the Elections For the Change You Are Seeking

We all want change, but are we looking in the right places to make the change we want effective?

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What to do when EVERYTHING is not going as planned…

On September 23rd, I shared the following with my work facebook friends… “In the last 4 weeks, my wife and I have… found a new home discovered we had less than 2 weeks to pack and move discovered 5 days before we were to move we needed to change our platform, select and implement a new one, transfer the website, and debug the I-didn’t-know-it-did-that sh-tuff and have it up and running as we would not have internet for a long period (see VIVO comment below)… visited 3 hospitals 6 times and saw 11 doctors for my wife’s kidney stone that was leaving her in tears, had me searching for a…

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