To the Iranian People, the Free World Is With You – Say Yes to Liberty

More than 1400 years ago, a group of nomads from across the scorching Arabian Desert conquered Persia (Iran), the greatest empire known to the history of mankind. With that, they injected their Islamic virus into the veins of their victim: the Iranian people. Our motherland is bleeding under the dark cloaks of the oppressive mullahs. (archive

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Liberty and Why We Do What We Do, Home and Abroad

Freedom is for the individual, Liberty is for the people – and Liberty has spiritual as well as secular presence, not just one or the other. Only 2 countries have been founded with God as their foundation – and we all have inherent rights that need to be protected… (archive

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Liberty Requires Vigilance…

Without God in our schools, our children learn their morals from only their family, or from their education system, who have learned theirs from where? (archive https://archive.BVL9J)

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