To the Iranian People, the Free World Is With You – Say Yes to Liberty

More than 1400 years ago, a group of nomads from across the scorching Arabian Desert conquered Persia (Iran), the greatest empire known to the history of mankind.

With that, they injected their Islamic virus into the veins of their victim: the Iranian people.

Our motherland is bleeding under the dark cloaks of the oppressive mullahs.

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Liberty Requires Vigilance…

Verification is only the first step of vigilance…All our senses, knowledge and wisdom hones and strengthens our ability to be vigilant without being overwhelmed by worry… By building on our senses, our knowledge and our wisdom, while learning the art of verification, our vigilance becomes that much stronger… The art of verification? This wasn’t an art until our school systems stopped teaching morals, ethics, character… Not to mention many parents stopped teaching such as well…

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Everyone’s Liberty Must Be Protected, Not Just The Liberty of Those You Like

This isn’t directed at my followers as I believe most of you already know this — but this is provided as food for thought for those ‘conversations’ with someone who does need to hear or read these words… It’s astounding how many will take it upon themselves to rob others of their liberty and their rights in the guise of calling them any sort of card (racist, hater, bigot, etc) and then expect their own liberty and…

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For Your Immediate Importance and Attention

I am going to start off with an apology of sorts — most visit blogs for their short content, this blog is rather long as well as elaborate. For this reason I suggest you bookmark this somewhere convenient on your toolbar now until you have had a go at all this. Let’s step back a bit and take a higher level view of… the land grabs and why, even if you believe they are constitutional…

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Blowing The Lid Off of The Biggest Political Scandal in American History

For those who are unfamiliar with this gentleman, this is Dan Bogino – a former Secret Service agent that was on protection duty for Obama.

We are presuming it was not the best years of his career but it was very educational and motivational for him as he has been sharing a lot with us since then.

He has some insight into the recent Mueller and other events that may look unrelated… yet are…

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"Your Truth" Oprah? Seriously? What Are You Trying to Panhandle?

There is no descriptive truth – “your truth”, “my truth”, “his truth”, ‘her truth” are all fallacies – they are refutable by emotional arguments.

Truth is truth which is why it is called THE truth — it is irrefutable by reason, despite any and all emotional arguments.

Anything but the truth is lying to others, and even worse, lying to yourself.

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Classic Liberals Are Quickly and Diligently Separating Themselves from Regressive Liberals

The above is a recent image of Michelle Malkin that was overlaid with her definition of Liberals, which – when not cropped out – says, Liberals see racism where it doesn’t exist, fabricate it when they can’t find it, and ignore it within their own ranks. Until recently, I would have agreed with her wholeheartedly — however, in the past few weeks there has been a rapidly growing number of Liberals who are separating themselves…

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While We Refocus on the First Duty of Our Government, We Need To Do Something Else as Well

Government’s first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives. ~ Ronald Reagan And with that as a focus, the SIZE of our government would not be what it has been for nearly a century… Unless anyone or anything wants to harm the following, our government is NOT responsible for these areas of your life… health financial well-being, or not education employment success failures will power morals ethics values dreams Your freedom and…

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Why Good Character is Necessary for Liberty

Someone shared ‘without respect, there is no freedom’… Though a good start, it fell short and here’s why…. Respect is only 1 of the 6 pillars of character, meaning respect can’t do it alone can’t provide freedom. The other 5 pillars? – trustworthiness – responsibility – just (fairness) – compassion – citizenship Someone can be respectful yet not trustworthy, responsible, just, nor compassionate… yes? Bookmark

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Open Letter to the #MSM — as well as to We the People

To ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, MSNBC, and CNN IF you, as members of the MSM, held yourselves in the same regard as you hold the GOP, Conservatives, the Right… IF you, as members of the MSM, were just as critical, assessing, and conceited in your own self-assessment and self-examination, as you are against the GOP,  Conservatives, the Right… IF you, as members of the MSM, were just as humble, respectful, and honorable of…

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