What Liberty, Even Decisive Liberty, Is Not

A recent attack by two Liberals on our Facebook page made us realize we have not shared what liberty, especially decisive liberty, is not — too many Liberals believe what they believe for many reasons, however, the foundation of their beliefs are found in a set of rules and a defined strategy that was published during the 1960’s.

Many Liberals today are clueless they are applying and utilizing them even if the know about them and deny they are doing such.

Actions speak much louder than anything they say… which is something they, for whatever reason, to which they are totally oblivious — the first amendment does nothing to protect the wise… and the Liberally stupid.

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What Thread of Commonality Connects All The Liberal Agenda and Events?

Originally posted 2019-08-04 08:12:22. Every now and then, a thread on twitter appears that is connecting a LOT of dots and clearing up much of the confusion… This is one such thread… Providing the link at the end, but sharing in full here… Much thanks and full credit goes to

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