Refocusing on the First Duty of Our Government?

In the process of getting our government to focus on what it needs to be doing, we need to be sure we have grounded ourselves not only in what we need to know so we can focus on that task but on the threads of our culture that will make this a generational task…

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OK, The Gig is On, Where Do We Go From Here?

On average your beliefs change every 10 years – what was right then isn’t now. Or is it? Good character is learned, not earned, nor passed on from one family member to another. Results are what matter and results that build a foundation today for a prosperous and abundant future are what matter most – at all levels…

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Why Have We Permitted Our School Boards to Dement Our Children?

by Garrett O’Brien, originally published 28-Dec-2021 If you haven’t heard of Simon Campbell by now, you aren’t paying attention… Seriously… This guy is on fire and is DECISIVE about what our school boards should NOT be doing and what they SHOULD BE doing. He used to be on the same school board of whom he ripped them a new one, in plain English. And the school board, as much as they were unhappy with Simon, deserved every bit of lip service they got – and it should not end there either. More about Simon in a moment… Let’s focus on the the, the question – why have we permitted our…

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