UPDATED: What LaVoy May Not Have Known and You Should (About UraniumOne)

LoadingNOTE: this post is also embedded in a post published later, originally named Uranium One First Up in the Serving of 9000 Sealed Indictments but now named The Seeds of the Russian Collusion Go Back Well Before Trump Became President? Yes. There, you will find all the latest updates, including an interview with investigative journalists John Solomon and Seamus Bruner, co-authors of “Fallout,” concerning “Crossfire Hurricane” and Spygate” that shows ties between those 2 scandals

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The FBI and Oregon State Overreach at Burns Oregon versus We the People

LoadingUnless you have chosen to ignore the news, you already know who the Bundys are… And unless you have been under a rock, then you know there was a breach by law enforcement on so many levels in Burns Oregon on the evening of 26-January-2016 — anyone saying the FBI was in the right needs to step back, sit down and listen with your mouth shut for a change. The situation in Burns Oregon is

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The Seeds of the Russian Collusion Go Back Well BEFORE Trump Became President? Yes.

An executive of a Maryland based transportation company allegedly paid bribes to officials from Russia which enabled him to obtain highly sensitive nuclear fuel transportation contracts.

Attorney Jeff Sessions has been tight lipped about the investigations going on behind the scenes at the Justice Department, which is how a DOJ is supposed to be ran.

Anonymous citizens are tallying the unprecedented amount of sealed indictments that are listed across the United States.

At last count, there currently are over 9,000.

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Federal and State Blunders at Burns OR: A Domino of Errors by Many Govt Leaders That Lead to the Death of An Innocent Man

LoadingLast Updated Sunday 31-Jan-2016 11 pm Updates are added to the end of the post… Introduction Let’s start off with why Ammon Bundy is doing what he is doing with his own words in an interview with the Liberal media trying to put a hole in his story… Like I said, trying…. Why This Post Last night (28-Jan), I saw something mentioned on FoxNews about the FBI noting that LaVoy Finicum had reached for his

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