Liberty Requires Vigilance…

Without God in our schools, our children learn their morals from only their family, or from their education system, and they have learned theirs from where? Marvel Comics? Drag queens? (archive https://archive.BVL9J)

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Why Your Beliefs and Not That of Others Are Messing You Up

What you end up believing is not the fault of your circumstances — it is the result of what you permit to become part of you. The responsibility of due diligence is with you and you alone. (archive

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As the Greatest Hope to Society is Individual Character, Can Society Count on You?

What is most important today, and all the more so since WWII, is the restoration of individual character, first and foremost. And we must do so with a sense of urgency that sends a message to those not willing to do participate that they are the problem and without exception, their lack of interest in the restoration of character is not acceptable.

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