THE RULE OF LAW: What Happens When Crime Is At the Top, Not the Bottom

What is the issue that, if we fail to address it in the present tense, runs the risk of an irrevocable series of events in this country up to and including possible civil war? (archive

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5 Things to Know About Trump and WikiLeaks

If Congress had pursued Obama and Hillary for Benghazi, Obama and Holder for Fast and Furious, Comey for covering for Hillary, the 400+ Czar appointments to Muslims (cite: 1953 Naturalization Laws), as well as but not limited to Hillary and her emails with HALF the time and energy they are spending on Donald Trump Jr., one really has to wonder if they would be bothering with this at all… (archive

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Will Wikipedia Get Its Job Done Before Jeff Sessions Shows Up for Work?…

After the last 2 weeks, it is way more than obvious that President Trump knew to give Mueller enough rope to hang himself and his minions in the process. (archive

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