When Good Character Meets False Accusations

Strong character is forged only through tests. The fact that we never get to choose the tests is what makes each test unique as well as the best means to hone our character. Life is not like a sponge – it is more like a rock. Honing requires a hard surface, not a soft one. Something most enemies forget. (archive https://archive.ph/VDv54)

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Trust Never Comes from Demanding Respect, But From Commanding Honor

If words didn’t have any weight, why were they used to bring light? The tongue is the mightiest weapon as it can destroy souls, families, communities, even nations — which is exactly why we as a people MUST hold our leaders accountable — or replace them… (archive https://archive.ph/3gmrM)

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Common Questions About the Guards Manning the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Some commonly asked questions as well as sharing the qualifications for guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. (archive https://archive.ph/LN0gS)

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