What Drives the Globalists and How to Fight Back

Denial was the way of German life when Hitler first took power, their way of life during the war – but it ended once they had to clean up the millions of bodies of men, women, and children their military left behind. And yet today, the cycle of denial is growing once again. This needs to be challenged at all levels… (archive https://archive.ph/DBBwV)

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The Palestinian Charters – Fatal Exercises in Theocracy

The Palestinian populations based in Gaza and Judea and Samaria are represented by 2 organizations, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority – and the leadership of both is constructed of antisemites, holocaust deniers, terrorists, and admirers of Hitler. Both detest each other and have killed more of Palestinians between them in internal disputes than Israel has killed in the protection of its citizens from Palestinian terrorist attacks (archive https://archive.ph/Y4tYx)

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