Harvard University Study Reveals Astonishing Link Between Firearms, Crime, and Gun Control

If you think gun control is the answer then you have some reading to do — studies that look at the whole picture and not just filtered data say one thing: the more guns a nation has, the less criminal activity it will experience. Only those wanting to control you will not want you to be armed. (archive https://archive.ph/ren8I)

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Why It Is Better To Own A Gun Than Not

Those ignorant of guns get nervous about guns — this is natural with ANY item that can damage someone or remove them from life altogether very quickly. However, many will let their emotions control their ignorance, and instead of making themselves available to learn, they will choose to remain ignorant and under the control of their emotions — which is the most fickle of traits of all humans. How wise and limiting is that, really? As I tell my neighbors both here in Brasil and in the U.S., if you’re for gun control, fine, then I’ll control my gun and keep it stored when I see someone snooping around your…

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Sorry Obama, Orlando is NOT a Gun Control Issue, it is a Jihadist Attack

EVERY time there is a mass shooting, the gun control advocates come crawling out pointing to their evidence — gun control is a Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc Fallacy that the nervous want to avoid discussing. Deaths by guns is 50% of what it was 40 years ago and not once have we seen anyone who is a member of the NRA being convicted as being a terrorist nor mass shooter — yet who do they blame? That reasoning is as sound as blaming car manufacturers for lousy drivers that kill… for knife manufactures for making knives too sharp… for the Louisville slugger for being an American icon trademark… Draw…

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