Douglas Frederick

You Need to Avoid Ignoring False Hope to the Past, Present, and Future – Our Liberty Depends Upon It

Posted on The History Place – Greatest Speech Collections Frederick Douglass (1817-1895) was the best known and most influential African American leader of the 1800s. He was born a slave in Maryland but managed to escape to the North in 1838 (before our Civil War). He traveled to Massachusetts and settled in New Bedford, working as a laborer to support himself. In 1841, he attended a convention of the Massachusetts Antislavery Society and quickly came…

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1876 – Our 1st 100 Years as the United States of America

Quick note about this post — there is a short and long version of U.S. history in this post for our first 100 years (you need to read it to find out why 100 years). The post is setup with an introduction, followed by a short history of our first 100 years as well as a link to skip the long version of our history. That link will bring you to the conclusion of this…

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