Why It Is Better To Own A Gun Than Not

Those wanting us to be unarmed are totally oblivious to what happens when we are – and we have the right to protect ourselves from them as well (archive https://archive.ph/kq9b1)

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Hillary’s Negative Influence of Major Players in Governments Across the Globe

Hillary’s stint as SoS was not for the purpose of spreading the goodwill of the U.S., but for lining her own pockets for her foundation – which rarely gives much of anything towards charity.

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Lebanon’s Prime Minister Hariri to Fly to Paris Within 48 Hours…

by Reuters, originally published  16-November-2017 BEIRUT (Reuters) – Lebanon’s Saad al-Hariri is expected to leave Saudi Arabia for France within 48 hours, before flying home to Beirut to officially submit his resignation as Lebanese prime minister, a source close to Hariri told Reuters on Thursday. Hariri announced his resignation in a televised broadcast from Saudi Arabia on Nov. 4 and has not yet returned to Lebanon. He said on Wednesday he would return soon. Lebanese President Michel Aoun tweeted on Thursday that he hoped the country’s political crisis was over following Hariri’s acceptance of the French invitation. “I await the return of PM Hariri to Beirut so we can decide…

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