A Call to Character and Proper Protocol

Even the demise of the DNC is not enough to turn things around – it’s a good start but only that, a start. As part of being an observer and student of history, we need to learn among other things to observe reactions, cause, and effect, protocols for different environments as well as where Divine grace tends to give a hand. Returning to God is just the beginning… (archive https://archive.md/0AEk0)

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A Question, No Matter What Your Political Affiliation

Just What Are You Pretending Not to Know? Have you become a member of the global as well as local society that prides yourself in opinions that carry no intrinsic value? listens with your eyes and immediately puts value on limited content? believes in self-assertion is a truth? believes your beliefs are a truths? is robust in seeking out like minded so not to feel alone? Have you abandoned seeking wisdom almost entirely? learning the…

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Faith, Religion, Perception

Religion is man’s doctrine and explanation of faith.

Truth is not a matter of a correct perception but a matter of a righteous perception.

Christ established this fact when addressing the Sadducees who unfortunately believed they had the correct perception of faith.

Throughout the Bible, however, faith does not require doctrine – never has, never does, never will…

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