2000 Mules – A MUST for Every Voter

Given the resistance and redirecting they have displayed since the 2020 elections, Liberal neigh sayers are now exposed for what they are – they HATE America… Our overall impressions, reactions, and advice after seeing this documentary. (archive https://archive.vn/wfrL6)

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Refocusing on the First Duty of Our Government?

In the process of getting our government to focus on what it needs to be doing, we need to be sure we have grounded ourselves not only in what we need to know so we can focus on that task but on the threads of our culture that will make this a generational task…

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Our Notes on 2000 Mules And What’s Next

Notes frou our viewing of 2000 Mules – and what happens next. This includes what you can do now, today, to get your elections secured and protected.

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