Thanks to MSM Writers like Amanpour, Citizen Journalism Has Dominated Since 2016

When you round up the wagons, you don’t leave an entry open for your enemy to take the lead – which is EXACTLY what Amanpour did in her pathetic plea to protect press freedom (as opposed to freedom of the press)… (archive

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Failing to Shift = Broken Tethers + Whiners

Whiners are cowards – they lean on their emotions not wisdom, not discernment, and definitely are unwilling to learn… Time to tell the to put up or shut up! (archive )

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From Whence We Came: Who Encouraged, Educated, Mentored Our Founding Fathers?

Great leaders always have great mentors – who did our Founding Fathers look up to? with whom did they sharpen their wits?

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