Failing to Shift = Broken Tethers + Whiners

Whiners are cowards – they lean on their emotions not wisdom, not discernment, and definitely are unwilling to learn… Time to tell the to put up or shut up! (archive )

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From Whence We Came: Who Encouraged, Educated, Mentored Our Founding Fathers?

Great leaders always have great mentors – who did our Founding Fathers look up to? with whom did they sharpen their wits?

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Thanks to Amanpour & the Left, The Future of Bloggers Has Never Looked So Promising

Even with the slap off the side of the head delivered by voters as well as bloggers to the left, the media, Collectivists in general, one would think they would at least step back and assess where they were focused as they were obviously not focused on where everyone else had been… One would think… Doesn’t matter how old you are or how young you are, you can always learn if you have the ability to want to. You don’t have to be smart to learn, you only need to be available to learn. Apparently the Left and the MSM have an unavailable sign hanging on their craniums… CNN’s Chief International…

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