Straight from the Qur’an – Islam Must Honor Israel

The essay below has taken much research. It evidences beyond reasonable doubt that the Palestinian claim to Jerusalem is not based on any Islamic religious connection but simply used as a political strategy by Israel’s opponents as an excuse to claim more land. Never forget the words written by Joseph

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Daniel Pipes: Achieving Peace Through Israeli Victory

I’d like to start by recalling Lt. Hiroo Onoda of the Imperial Japanese Army.

Lt. Onoda was, in 1974, convinced to surrender.

He was living on an island in the Philippines, and for 29 years, he had very seriously been engaging in war.

He’d been killing people, maiming them, and stealing.

Finally, he was convinced, when his commanding officer came to the island, that he should lay down arms, that the war was over and that Japanese had lost.

I would suggest to you that in 1993, on the White House lawn, Yasser Arafat gave up the conflict with Israel and recognized Israel’s right “to exist in peace and security.”

Of course, he didn’t mean it, and it wasn’t accepted by most Palestinians.

Still, the Palestinians gave up those many years ago, making them now a larger version of Hiroo Onoda.

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