Center for Security Policy Occasional Paper Exposes a Perfect Storm of Threat

LoadingCENTER OCCASIONAL PAPER EXPOSES A PERFECT STORM OF THREAT:  PORT CANAVERAL CONTAINER LEASE TIED TO RUSSIAN CLUB-K MISSILE SYSTEM original post: Center for Security Policy (Washington, DC): A new Center for Security Policy Occasional Paper being released today [ 14-November-2017 ] picks up where our earlier December 2016 paper, “What Could Possibly Go Wrong?” left off. Additional research by the dogged and fearless team of Alan Jones and Mary Fanning now reveals exactly what could go wrong,

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The Seeds of the Russian Collusion Go Back Well BEFORE Trump Became President? Yes.

An executive of a Maryland based transportation company allegedly paid bribes to officials from Russia which enabled him to obtain highly sensitive nuclear fuel transportation contracts.

Attorney Jeff Sessions has been tight lipped about the investigations going on behind the scenes at the Justice Department, which is how a DOJ is supposed to be ran.

Anonymous citizens are tallying the unprecedented amount of sealed indictments that are listed across the United States.

At last count, there currently are over 9,000.

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