POST: 3 Documentaries That Annihilates The MSM And Big Tech Ukraine Narrative

Hearing of the Ukraine events is not KNOWING what is really happening…

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3 Documentaries That Annihilates the MSM and Big Tech Ukraine Narrative

Many have known OF Ukraine – how many even know ABOUT Ukraine, even now with the war going on? Our conversations on social media say not too many…

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Remember from Whence We Came

In the U.S., this is Memorial Day weekend… with Monday being the legal observance of Memorial Day (last Monday of every May). If the press is to be believed nearly half the population doesn’t have a clue as to what this weekend is really about, only that it is the beginning of the summer and there is some form of honor to be given to the military… First, Memorial Day is not for all those currently serving in the military – that is Armed Forces Day (that would be the 3rd Saturday of every May). And Memorial Day is not for all those who once wore our nation’s uniform –…

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