Gordon Chang’s Warning About China

China has a global dominance vision and has created 24 different types of unrestricted warfare that can morph into more than 500 different forms of warfare. Find out more in this video, including the one deterrent that is keeping China from acting now… (archive https://archive.ph/1MeHl)

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Just Where Does North Korea’s Major Strategic Threat Lay?

Is the question, if we go to war with North Korea? Or that we may not have a choice? (archive https://archive.ph/8tEwb)

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Gordon Chang Predicts Something About China You Will Not Believe

Whenever anything happens in China, Gordon is always a step ahead of the news and China researchers… What is he saying about China today should have you planning and preparing for tomorrow

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NYT Calls Attacks On a CEO as Conspiracy Theories Only for the CEO to Be Arrested for Exactly What He Said His Company Doesn’t Do (read that again)

ONE day after the NYT blamed conspiracy theories for Eugene Yu’s problems, the LA DAs Office arrested Eugene for stealing personal information as well as having U.S. election information on — CHINA servers… Not a good day for Yu as well as the NYT…

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Eugene Yu, Konnech CEO, Arrested in Connection with Theft of Personal Data

Have you noticed that the so-called conspiracy theories are being busted with the truth lately? Even more so, is that they are being busted almost as soon as the MSM publishes their fake news about the conspiracy theories.. Popcorn anyone? (archive pending)

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What’s Going on In China?

Alternative Social Media is buzzing hot with something going down… but what? #JenniferZeng LIVE from China, she was the first to report on twitter the sighting of the 80 km military convoy …

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A Response to An Anonymous Note About Trump…

Without a doubt, the media has a narrative to follow (which usually arrives at 4 am in every news studio from Gannett) – and they have been doing this long before Trump arrived on the scene, even as a real estate mogul. So let’s break down their accusations and fake news, shall we? (archive https://archive.ph/ZN6G6)

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Where Did COVID Come From? – The Epoch Times

Through this investigative report, a more complete understanding of the situation surrounding the rise of this pandemic is unearthed. Official reports and publicly available information soon lead to more questions and surprising findings. (archive https://archive.ph/L7eHS)

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President-Elect Donald J. Trump’s First 100 Days

3 days after being elected to the U.S. Office of the Presidency, President-Elect is already making promises. And unlike most other Presidents, we are sure his actions will follow his words… (archive https://archive.ph/qvZkc)

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Is President Trump Really A Bully?

I admit that Donald Trump is not perfect.  Tyrants and populists such as Cuba’s Castro, Venezeula’s Maduro in our neighborhood, and Iran’s Khamenei, and even some of our European allies, call President Trump the Big, Bad Bully. In a way, to be name-called by these people is a compliment. But when those who owe their lives to America call America a “bully,” a phrase that vilifies, a response is in order, since remaining silent is often taken as a concession to such accusations. Our trans-Atlantic “friends” have been vilifying our president simply because he wants to “Make America Great Again.” If our so-called “friends” make fun of us, then it is understandable…

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Coronavirus – How Did We Get Here Again (In Detail)?

Hushed vaping deaths…
A research report from China tying vaping to coronavirus…
CDC failed to detect what is the coronavirus and what is water…
The ‘trip-wire’ to our bio-weapon attack warning system gets mysteriously removed…
Bill Gates promotes his depopulation agenda through an invite-only pandemic conference…
Alleged insider trading now being uncovered…

A Tom Clancy movie? Uhhhhh, no — this just happened and is continuing to happen NOW! Click the link for full details

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