Venezuela’s Problems Started Long Before Maduro

Many are aware there is a situation in Venezuela, and what is being reported as the cause is only half the story. There is a missing element that many media channels have not mentioned. Rewind to the early years of the Chavez administration, 1999 and the next few years. Oil was near $19 a barrel when he took office in Venezuela. The oil in Venezuela is called heavy oil and is among the heaviest in…

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Crisis-wracked Venezuela Turns for Hope to Broken Factories

Juan Carlos Goite has to be creative, finding spare parts stripped from one broken-down locomotive to repair another in a desperate attempt to keep a once-thriving iron ore mining company running.

Dressed in a hard hat and oil-stained work clothes, the mechanic paces a dimly lit workshop strewn with salvaged train parts like motors, metal plates and hoses looking for the right piece.

In cash-strapped Venezuela, there’s no money to buy spare parts.

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