In Case You Just Crawled Out from Under a Rock…

Elon Musk bought the tool they used to censor elections – now he’s putting all cards on the table… The globalists are not amused and are pretending this huge elephant doesn’t exist, but for how long can they keep doing this? History says not very long… (archive

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When the Brazil Military Speaks, the Brazilian People Listen

The deception of the stolen election by Lula and his gang continues – and the military has drawn a line in the sand as they declare they stand with the people. The outcome of all this is most likely to be ugly given the impetuous nature of both Lula and Moraes…(archive

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Hillary’s Negative Influence of Major Players in Governments Across the Globe

Hillary’s stint as SoS was not for the purpose of spreading the goodwill of the U.S., but for lining her own pockets for her foundation – which rarely gives much of anything towards charity.

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