Open Letter to the #MSM — as well as to We the People

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles (The Art of War) — What you need to know to get started without fear… (archive

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September 11th – What REALLY Happened???

Those on the streets and in neighborhoods at the moment of the explosions did NOT see ANY planes. They only saw and heard rapid explosions – videos exist of explosions without planes. Did CGI fill in the gap for those watching electronically? CGI has its weaknesses and they have been exposed. More to come about 9/11…

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Bret Baier Interviews Benghazi Surviving Security Contractors

Full interview (45 minutes) with surviving security contractors from Benghazi, Libya attack. Final 15 minutes is Hillary Clinton lying under oath regarding the incident and finally Oliver North’s take on the incident. Full credit for the interviews belongs to Fox News Channel. Security Contractors Interview: 0:00 – 46:07 Hillary Clinton Lying 46:07 – 57:17 Oliver North Comments 57:17 – 1:01:24

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