Guns Owned per Gun Death – Brazil 3, U.S. 1192

The proliferation of guns in the U.S is a target of Liberals nationwide as well as globally – all while they ignore and/or manipulate stats to their favor. Here are the raw stats and sound reasoning for why the Second Amendment of our Constitution is not only unique but why our guns are meant to keep tyranny at bay. (archive

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Open Letter to the #MSM — as well as to We the People

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles (The Art of War) — What you need to know to get started without fear… (archive

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How Liberals Have Turned Racism Into a Business Globally

Once you acknowledge the truth, those protesting the death of George Floyd are simply supporting the mob who steal goods from innocent victims, set fire to and damage property, and cause violent disruption and social chaos in the hope and expectation of creating a continuous challenge to the existence of democracy. As is usual, the mainstream media and the political left has sympathy and openly encourage the mob violence as they have created a business out of fake racism… (archive

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