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TO OUR NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIBERS: Sorry About That! AND A Preface to Mueller’s Hearing

Things That Go Bump Anytime We attempt to send our videos as well as posts in one email — with the number of videos we tagged before the newsletter went out, the published posts were buried in a see of imagery and video displays. So… We are going to send

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OP-ED: How Mueller Deputy Andrew Weissmann’s Offer to an Oligarch Could Boomerang on DOJ

Originally posted on Sean John Solomon Interviewed on the Sean Hannity Show (22-July-2019) John Solomon Interview on Sean Hannity Monday, 22-July-2019 The players: Andrew Weissmann Robert Mueller Dmitry Firtash What could possibly go wrong? And how long would it all be hidden? John Solomon has some new details in

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Will Wikipedia Get Their Job Done Before Jeff Sessions Shows Up for Work?

After earlier condemning Mueller for his investigation, we had stepped to see what would come about, especially as President Trump has not said much about the investigation and let Special Prosecutor Mueller have his ways. After the last 2 weeks, it is way more than obvious that President Trump knew

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