Study Commissioned By London Mayor Shows 500,000 UK Jobs At Risk In No-Deal Brexit


A study commissioned by London Mayor Sadiq Khan shows that almost half a million jobs are under threat if Britain fails to strike a deal on future relations with the European Union before it leaves the bloc.

The research released Thursday warns of a “lost decade” of significantly lower economic growth resulting in 482,000 fewer jobs and 50 billion pounds ($67 billion) of lost investment by 2030 if the worst-case scenario becomes a reality.

Khan urged Prime Minister Theresa May to ensure Britain avoids this outcome by negotiating “a deal that enables us to remain in both the single market and the customs union.”

Khan says the analysis shows “the harder the Brexit we end up with, the bigger the potential impact on jobs, growth and living standards.”

Editor’s note:  London Mayor Sadiq Khan is Muslim — what he really cares about is maintaining some form or relationship with the EU and the more deals struck to strap Great Britain the happier he will be, the people of Great Britain not so much. Several non-EU countries have already noted they would continue trading with Great Britain on Brexit finalizes, including the U.S. 

Also, several research organizations say that Great Britain will do better as (1) they will have the 350 million euros in their account every month that they normally pay EU (would be the same as a tax cut), and (2) Great Britain will be free of the regulations of the EU, much like the U.S. has been free of Obama’s regulation for the past year — and we all know where that go us this past year, yes? 🙂  

Whomever he commissioned to do the study apparently hasn’t a clue to what those 2 factors have done to all countries that have implemented such – they prospered!

ICYDNK: UK – United Kingdom – is not just England. U.K. includes Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and England. Great Britain is only England, without Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.



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