So Why No Urgency for Them?

by Garrett O’Brien, originally published 21-September-2022

The estimated world population as of today is 7,975,952,450

Stats for COVID-19 As of Today, Wednesday 21-September-2022

Coronavirus Cases: 618,272,555
% of the population affected: 7.75%

Deaths: 6,533,869
% of population: 0.082
% of COVID cases : 1.06

Recovered: 598,217,461
% of population: 7.50
% of COVID cases: 96.76

They shut down our businesses
They shut down nations (some would not permit this to happen)
They told you they needed 15 days to flatten the curve
They told you masks were necessary
They told you to remain 6 ft (2 m) from another person
They told us to keep our children home, they are now 2 years behind their expected learning curve
Depression is up
Suicides have skyrocketed
Fear-mongers instilled fear in many – but not all! – people

All for a 1.06% death rate during 30 months…

Coronavirus Deaths for TWO years: 6,533,869 – a 30-month journey (the first COVID death occurred between February and March 2020)…

Deaths by other diseases/means for this year alone as of Aug 2022, 8 months (2/3rds of a year) for WorldOMeter (they didn’t list some critical causes of death like heart disease, which is the number one cause of death in the U.S.)…

Blue is for this year only, black is for the COVID estimate for the 8 months this year ((COVID Deaths for 2 Years / 30 months) * 8)…

43,958,648 HIV/AIDS cases
30,875,956 Abortions
9,374,789 Communicable disease
5,930,989 Cancer
5,489,125 Children under 5
3,610,068 Smoking
1,806,173 Alcohol
1,742,365 COVID-19

1,213,985 HIV/AIDS deaths
974,832 Traffic fatalities
774,399 Suicides
360,411 Seasonal flu
284,774 Malaria
223,209 Mothers during birth

If you wore a mask
If you took the jabs
If you are taking the boosters


Free information from reliable sources has been available since COVID-19 hit Wuhan — which only means you were (and still are?) listening to the wrong voices.

Have you ever noticed the guilty are ALWAYS the least affected by their own actions?

The Strategy That Wasn’t

The masks did NOT halt COVID-19; in 2020, the CDC said COVID is 1000x smaller than influenza in one report, and in another, they said that the masks (same ones being recommended for COVID) were ineffective for influenza as influenza could migrate through the masks

COVID-19 is not caught through contact nor via airborne – making the 6 ft (2m) distancing totally unnecessary…

COVID-19 was planned for up to 7 years and pandemic plans were strategized (Event 201) just months before it hit – yet there is no pathogen for COVID and it has never been isolated in any lab in any country…

The Electromagnetic Properties of COVID

ALL viruses, including COVID-19, are man-made as they have patents – the U.S. Patent Office does not provide patents for anything created naturally.

Studies in the past 6 months have confirmed that COVID-19 is spread through irradiation – meaning it needs radiation to spread.

The same studies have confirmed that ALL COVID SO-CALLED VACCINES HAVE GRAPHENE OXIDE – a highly poisonous substance that is easily agitated by 3G, 4G, and 5G, increasing its agitation logarithmically with each higher G level.

Remember all those 5G towers that HAD to go up at the beginning of the COVID-19 so-called pandemic?

Did you know 4G Plus was rolled out as a prototype to 5G just before all this?

4G Plus would not need Federal approval nor new equipment as anything 4G has already been given its blessing from the government.

Why have router properties been discovered in the graphene oxide found in the solutions being called COVID vaccines?

People have seen mac numbers on their smartphones when in a crowd, generated by the people surrounding them – mac numbers are unique numbers given to every electronic machine; in this case, a person was given a unique mac number by the so-called vaccines and generated by the graphene oxide.

This also kills the excuse the Globalists are using that COVID is contagious.

We Used to Be Better at Self-Education

Up until the 1920s, we educated ourselves on what we needed to do in addition to seeing advice (not instructions) from those in the medical profession – a profession that was entirely different than it is today.

We have been given a blessing and a nasty reminder to perform our due diligence and to stop listening to entities whose advice is purely based on how much money they can make.

We have a post coming up on this topic – how we were, what happened, and how we got ourselves into this mess by permitting what we did.

Repeat and Stir

We haven’t provided links in this post as all this information has already been documented in our earlier posts, in our social media accounts, as well as has been verified by La Quinta Columna, The Journal of Food and Toxicology, and even the CDC (they are burying the posts, you have to use the advanced search to find the articles that are counter to their narrative).

The above information is also found in the content we shared and was credited to

  • America’s Frontline Doctors
  • La Quinta Columna
  • Dr. Vladimire Zelenko
  • Dr. Judy Mikovits
  • Dr. David Martin
  • Dr. Harvey Risch
  • Dr. Jane Ruby
  • Dr. Joseph Mercola
  • Dr. Lawrence Palevsky
  • Dr. Lynn Fynn
  • Dr. Naomi Wolf
  • Dr. Peter McCullough
  • Dr. Pierre Cory
  • Dr. Rashid A. Buttar
  • Robert Malone M.D.
  • Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
  • Ann VanderSteel
  • Del Bigtree
  • Erin Elizabeth
  • Mikki Willis
  • Seth Holehouse (Man in America)
  • WorldOMeter (data for this post)
  • members of our Telegram FORUM

And the many others we are failing to remember or are overlooking at this moment…

Deaths by the Leading 10 Causes for 2018 and 2019

CDC Deaths and Percentage for leading 10 causes of death 2018 2019

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Died Suddenly - Conspiracy No More

Please view the Trailer for this video first. The graphic imagery is intentional as it is the only way you will know what is happening; Big Pharma is counting on you NOT knowing what is really happening.

The trailer can be viewed by clicking here (opens in our rumble account).

The audio and the video is NOT suitable for children - please view when they are not present (use earphones or headset to keep young ears from listening in).

From the Directors of 'These Little Ones' and 'Watch the Water'

Embalmers and funeral homes see the results of what has been happening for the past 2 years - something is WAY different, it isn't good, and they aren't happy...

Life insurance companies are fully aware of the results the embalmers and funeral directors are seeing and reporting.

Sudden Adult Death Syyndrome (SADS) is NOT a syndrome - it is a result of foreign substances that are in the vaccines, one of them being Graphene Oxide, that are create inorganic strings in the blood system that eventually stops the blood, dead.

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