Schools Are Teaching Their Students How to Deal with Active Shooters

Originally published: 2015-10-12 16:12:34

The ALICE Program is not liked by most on the left…

No surprise there.

ALICE stands for “Alert-Lockdown-Inform-Counter-Evacuate”…

A few things to know…

Attacking any shooter directly is almost always ineffective — and deadly for the wrong person.

Two keys…

There HAS to be an element of surprise from BEHIND

The gun must be removed from their hands (you don’t need to grab the gun to knock it out of their hands)

It would be great to see the ALICE program use some of the training from Target Force Training (http://TargetForceTraining.com), who provides a weekend training course for managing yourself well even if you are outnumbered.

One of the videos on their YouTube channel provides a life-saving strategy — attack from behind and with as much force as you can muster (your adrenaline will most likely be going so it won’t be too difficult to muster that up), deliver a blow right below the skull and on the spine with your elbow.

That will send the shooter to the floor seeing stars as well as cause them to lose their grip on the armament. As there will be several of you someone else should get the gun first then point it at the shooter. KEEP YOUR TRIGGER FINGER to the side of the gun until it is necessary to use deadly force.

WARNING: Get TRAINED on this — don’t rely on this post and videos to be your plan.

The information here is provided to direct you to the correct resources, not to provide a full strategy and training.

If you don’t heed this advice, you will find yourself focused on the wrong things: trying to remember this information instead of focused on the shooter and relying on the reflexes and habits built up by the training — and could very well end up being a victim yourself.

What NEVER To Do When Someone Has A Gun…

This video is a conference call TFT had and is provided as more information of their perspectives and training…

Self-Defense Techniques Against Someone with a Gun

This 4-minute video provides 2 techniques to disarming someone with a handgun – one if no one is around, the other if there are others nearby.

No special skills are required, and it does take some practice.

The question will always remain – would you rather at the most inconvenient of times had wished you learned this technique or be happy you did?


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