One of our contacts who lives in the Middle East has provided the following post on her blog and is reposted here with her permission. Posted by Cheri Berens on her blog, 10-November-2017, Cheri has provided her sources at the end of the post, we have added additional links/photos for/from Wikipedia within the post for referencing the persons involved.

Saudi Prince bin Salman has made himself dictator, is massacring minority groups, has paved the way for the West to back him

On November 4th, Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri appeared on a Saudi Arabia owned media network and announced his resignation.
Though Hariri said he was resigning out of fear for his life, the Lebanese government announced shock at his resignation, having had no inkling of any problems.
Since his resignation, no one has been able to contact Hariri, not even his family.

Within an hour of Hariri’s resignation, the Ritz Carlton in Riyadh sent a memo to their guests that they must vacate the hotel immediately, stating that it was a matter of urgent national security.


That same day, the King of Saudi Arabia issued a Royal Decree creating an “Anti-Corruption Committee”, to be fully controlled by Prince Mohammad bin Salman.

Following this decree, 11 princes and 38 others were arrested and detained at the Ritz Carlton.

The 38 others were Ministers and senior officials in the Saudi government.

Just days before these arrests, Prince bin Salman hosted a convention at the Ritz Carlton titled, Future Investment Initiative, which focused on tech developments and investment opportunities tied to them.

“Sophia the Robot” was unveiled at this convention.

Also at this convention it was announced that Prince bin Salman was constructing a new city, a hi-tech, smart city, called the “Intelligent City”.

The princes and officials who were arrested, had flown to Saudi Arabia to attend this convention at the personal invitation of Prince bin Salman.

The princes and ministers have homes in Europe and elsewhere and are rarely in Saudi Arabia at same time.

The Convention brought them together, at the Ritz Carlton, where Prince bin Salman then arrested them right after the convention.

Prince Walid bin Talal was one of those arrested, yet no specifics of why he was arrested have been given.

Yes, there’s been speculation.

In fact, the instantaneous media speculations were possibly made to take the focus off of what was really taking place.

Bin Talal’s assets, including his investments in Twitter, are now under the full control of Prince bin Salman.


Also arrested was Prince bin Abdullah, head of the National Security Apparatus, which is now under the full control of Prince bin Salman.

Bin Salman is now in charge of Saudi Intelligence and the Security System.


At the beginning of summer, Crown Prince Mohammad bin Nayef, the immediate heir to the throne, was ousted by Prince bin Salman.

Nayef was placed under “house arrest” by bin Salman.

Bin Salman then took Nayef’s place as Crown Prince, meaning that bin Salman will now be the next King of Saudi Arabia.

At the time of Nayef’s arrest, bin Salman took full control of the Military and the Police forces.

Bin Salman placed himself as Minister of Defense and Minister of Interior.

So, bin Salman is now in charge of Intelligence, the Security Apparatus, the Military and the Police forces.

He is also in charge of all Foreign Affairs because he arrested all of the ministers previously in charge of Foreign Affairs in various countries.

Prince bin Salman has basically set up a dictatorship and has also removed all opposition to this move.

The men he arrested were members of Nayef’s party, who was first in line to be King, and who was arrested by bin Salman.

The princes and ministers arrested were 100% loyal to bin Nayef, not to Prince bin Salman.

Those arrested were told the “corruption charges” would be removed if they swore their allegiance to bin Salman when he becomes King.

They refused.

Immediately after this refusal, more arrests were made.

At this time, Prince Fahd bin Abdullah was shot and killed at the entrance of his palace gate, while he was attempting to flee.

Then, a helicopter was shot down by Saudi war planes at the border of Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

The helicopter was carrying Saudi Prince Mansour bin Muqrin and several of the last remaining Saudi Arabian Ministers.

They were attempting to flee Saudi Arabia.

As soon as the various princes began to be arrested there were spontaneous riots in the streets in Saudi Arabia by civilians who opposed these arrests.

Prince bin Salman immediately squashed all media outlets who were reporting the riots.

But video of the massive riots got out on Arabic Twitter, and so did Tweets describing events, before bin Salman could fully censor Twitter.

Many in the region believe this is a prelude to something larger.

Maybe a ‘false flag’ that will allow bin Salman to target minority groups, or maybe attack countries with populations of the types of minorities bin Salman wants to eliminate.

At the orders of bin Salman, there has been a genocide of Shi’a inside Saudi Arabia.

Entire villages, some with ancient history dating back to Christian times, are being bulldozed, and the people in these villages have been put to death.

In July and August, events escalated in Shi’a villages when bin Salman ordered a barrage of fire on a walled historic Shi’a neighborhood, that included air strikes, heavy artillery, RPGs, snipers on rooftops picking off fleeing Shi’a, and armored assault vehicles.

The historic village was bulldozed and removed from existence.

Bin Salman has been openly targeting Iran for several months via a heavily biased propaganda campaign.

Is this being done to justify future Saudi attacks on Shi’a populations in other countries (under the masquerade that it is Hezbollah Saudi Arabia is after)?

Though no one can disagree that Iran is dangerous, an argument can be made that Saudi Arabia is equally dangerous.
*  State Department cables released by Wikileaks showed that Saudi Arabia is the most substantial funder of terror groups internationally
*  BBC reported in 2013 that Saudi Arabia was obtaining nuclear weapons from Pakistan, whose nuclear program is funded by the Saudis (1)
*  In 2012, Saudi Arabia entered into an Atomic Collaboration Deal with China which states that Saudi Arabia aspires to construct 16 atomic reactors. (2)
*  Saudi Arabia makes contracts with international defense contractors and uses private military corporations which provide personnel to the Saudi-led war on Yemen. Saudi Arabia used this same tactic for supplying mercenary fighters and weapons in Syria. Via the contracts, Saudi Arabia deviously hires enormous numbers of mercenary fighters from Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, and also from Europe, America, Colombia and elsewhere. (3)(4)
*  Prince bin Salman directed the Saudi military to target civilians in Yemen (just as was done in Syria via Saudi-backed “rebels”). Bin Salman ordered the destruction of infrastructure, schools and hospitals throughout Yemen (as he did in Syria). (5)

Bin Salman is now applying strategies in Lebanon to create a fake ‘sectarian strife’.

Saudi Arabian media networks in Lebanon have been creating hatred towards the President of Lebanon, Michel Aoun, who is a Christian.

Additionally, statements were made by Saudi Arabia that the suburbs of Beirut must be bombed — on the pretext of targeting Hezbollah — but Beirut is a civilian city.

Like in Syria and Yemen, a massive murder of civilians will take place if Saudi Arabia targets Beirut.

At Trump’s mid-east summit, Saudi Arabian speakers repeatedly made Iran out to be the ultimate villain and ultimate supporter of terrorism, but Saudi Arabia is equally a villain and also a massive supporter of terrorism worldwide.

And, over the decades, they have been the primary supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood in many various countries, including the United States.

In the U.S., most all mosques have received Saudi funding, and Wahhabism is taught; i.e. Islam must takeover the world via jihad, Islamic Law must be enforced on all people, and sectarianism (infidels) must be eliminated.

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