Racism Exists Because of Slavery: “after this, therefore because of this”

People will say racism exists because of slavery, because of this, because of that…

Let’s take slavery, as many have bought what I believe is s false.

If slavery is why racism exits, would not the eradication of slavery eradicate racism?

Only the wise know this is foolery…

This type of thinking is what is called in Latin, post hoc ergo propter hoc,
or “after this, therefore because of this”,
and is also a very dangerous assumption as it assumes truth based on circumstances
instead of facts and reality.

This type of thinking is common on both sides of the political aisle,
though careful observation will disclose one side seems to want to become experts at it…

Always be careful with what is being fed to you,
unless you find that honey coated pill is bitter to the core …

Testing what you’re listening to, be sure you hear what you heard.

If you reverse something you’re hearing and it is reasonable,
then perhaps there is some level of truth to what you’re listening …

Debt exists because of slavery – Now, does slavery exist because of debt?
Definitely not…
Debt exists because more money is going out than is coming,
slavery exists for various reasons but not because of one’s debt.

Indeed, slavery existed for many reasons, often to pay a debt,
other times because the subjects were conquered to the conqueror …

There were many slave owners who were very humble
as there were many who were not …
Many countries have practiced slavery for centuries,
and only one country has eradicated it within their sovereignty…
yet racism still exists within that one sovereignty…

So much for racism exists because of slavery…

Was not the first slave owner in the U.S.
a black man who contested his ownership of his white slave?

So, why does racism exist?
Is not the very nature of racism indicative of a superiority complex?
That would be anyone who thinks that their race is better than another or others…

Racism exists because children see adults around being racist
and being innocent themselves,
as well as naive,
they trust adults around them,
they believe that this is true.

In other words,
racism for the most part
is caught, not taught.

Racism exists because it was tolerated, and
what we tolerate does not change…Yes, as much as there are so many attempting to stop racism –
if they are targeting the wrong reasons for racism,
then what hope do they have to resolve racism?Would it not the same as a doctor telling you to consume cough syrup
because you have gas??

Which also means,
where else are we doing the same thing?

Test your beliefs…


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