PSA: That ‘Gorilla Channel’ Excerpt From The Trump Book Is A Joke

Originally published: 2018-01-06 10:05:35



​Last night [4-Jan], Australian cartoonist Ben Ward, the man behind the popular Twitter account @PixelatedBoat, tweeted a screenshot that appeared to be a passage from Michael Wolff’s salacious new book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.”

According to the passage, White House staff compiled a bunch of gorilla footage into a makeshift channel to satisfy Trump’s belief that his TV should show a 24-hour “gorilla channel.”

To be clear, @PixelatedBoat is a comedy account, and this passage is fictional.

It does not appear anywhere in “Fire and Fury.”

Ward has even changed his display name to “the gorilla channel thing is a joke,” just to make it absolutely clear that the gorilla thing is not real, no matter how much the passage resembles Wolff’s book in formatting and style.

But neither the implausibility of Trump kneeling in front of a TV, talking to gorillas, nor Ward’s insistence that it isn’t real has stopped some prominent folks on Twitter from taking the passage seriously.

First up: actor Don Cheadle, who feared that the gorilla story was a hoax that someone had succeeded in getting Wolff to print.

Eric Garland, most famous as the man who tweeted, “Guys. It’s time for some game theory” not long after the election, took the passage at face value, unlike Cheadle.

Democratic strategist Scott Dworkin similarly repeated the gorilla story guilelessly (though he later insisted he was in on the joke).

Far-right men’s right’s activist and Vice Media cofounder Gavin McInnes appeared to believe that the gorilla passage was really in Wolff’s book, to Wolff’s discredit.

New York Times tech columnist Farhad Manjoo was unsure whether the passage was real or fake.

We at Digg believe that the gorilla passage was funny and that parodies are one of the few things that make Twitter worthwhile.

The corollary is that you can’t believe everything you see on Twitter.

Be careful out there, folks.



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