In his first MSM interview since being elected, Donald Trump, then Donald and Melania, followed by the entire family were interviewed on 60 Minutes (recorded the Friday before).
I don’t have a copy of the Obama interview from 8 and 4 years ago, but I would not be amiss in saying it would not have been as full of land mines and hand grenades as this one.
And the MSM wonders why they are considered biased?
My thought and notes of the interview in which Trump maintained the control and direction of the conversation quite elegantly… 

You can see segments of the interview here or you can elect to join the 60-Minutes ‘club’ and see the entire interview. Either way, a transcript is available at the linked page.

After viewing the first 10 minutes, I can say Lesley Stahl is typically herself, no surprises there.

The humility of Trump is very evident.

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Her want to strike a hot button is evident, but Trump maintains the environment of the conversation as humble yet focused
What needs to be noted are the keywords used to describe actions and character by both sides, Trumps as well as Stahl… It becomes rather obvious what Stahl is up to early on as well as where all the Trumps stand on where their focus, energies, time and actions will be focused…



Stahl: says “[the deomonstrators] are in every city” and questioning what Trump will do about it all, which is a typical MSM blow-it-out-of-proportion, someone needs to remind her that the U.S. is MUCH bigger than 12 cities

Stahl dismisses the professional protesters by redirecting the focus back to the demonstrations occurring in ‘very city’… Trump remains focused on what needs to happen now as well as next and avoids getting sucked into her rhetoric and agenda…


Social Media…

Stahl starts with her rhetoric again, selling Trump as he already said (and showed) he wasn’t — getting a feeling someone needs to slap her off the side of head yet?

Though Obama uses social media SNL and other platforms constantly, Stahl questions if Trump will continue his use — she sound more threatened by social media use overall than Trump’s use of social media while Trump has a great handle of what social media can be used for: holding the liars accountable (like CBS)…


Special Prosecutor

When questioned on whether or not Hillary will be given a special prosecutor, Trump redirects to what is more important to the American people right now. Is he ignoring Stahl? No — he’s telling her what is more important. Is he being dismissive about prosecuting Hillary? I’m going to say this: you never let the enemy know what you are going to do ahead of time… Trump already knows the sentiment of the people and doesn’t need Stahl nor CBS to remind him.

Up to the last 10 minutes, the conversation focused on family and personal issues that most new Presidents and First Ladies will experience — again, the Trumps kept the focus where it should be and not on the direction Stahl attempted to go..


FBI Director Comey

Again, Stahl attempts to get Trump to tip his hand on his plans, and Trump abides by the principle of not letting your enemies know what your plans are… There is a tip given in his voice in how he says he respects Comey and the FBI in general — the stress was emphasized on the agency and not on Comey…


Trump’s tax returns

Stahl gets cornered in her own agenda as Trump noted that no one really cared save the MSM…


Election Rigging and the Electoral College

He makes a truthful statement that some of the election is rigged while Stahl attempts to get him to dismiss it all because he won — from my perspective, it only shows just how bad Hilary did on rigging her own election. Trump shares his respect for the Electoral College (it is, after all, part of our system of checks and balances).



DEFINITELY NOT OBAMA… The Obama’s spent more than any Presidency on vacations… ($120 million plus) Trump normally doesn’t take a vacation, a few days yes, but he’s a what’s next type of guy, not one to sit on his laurels too long, if at all…



From a financial perspective: Trump makes in interest in a short period of time what the govt pays the President in a year, but that’s not why he’s not taking a salary save $1 per year (required by law). Those who have followed Trump closely enough know why he won’t, those who don’t and didn’t (like the MSM) t will be asking why…

NOTE: I keep hearing Stahl use the phrase, “surprising victory”… was it really THAT surprising to those that were following and supporting Trump? Serious question. As I was not surprised, though I was nervous about the possible level of election rigging. What about for you? Was it surprising? Why?


Family reaction….

Not much to say here but to be happy and joyous for their support for their father as well as well wishes to their next 4 years… They are well grounded in what their expectations are…


Calls with the Bushes

All went well with their call to him though Trump, understandably so, doesn’t understand how one can sign a pledge and not keep it (the value of one’s word), referring to support the nominee once known.


How Donald has changed, a question for Ivanka

time marker 32:00 and later

You REALLY need to listen to not only what Ivanka is saying but to how she is saying it as well. “I think it is impossible to go through this journey and not change for the better.”… WOW… Truthfully, all the Trump child, just can’t add anything and don’t want to — it’s their dad and it’s their humility, respect and even awe that they have for him that speaks volumes.. You really need to listen to this segment…


The fear eminating from the Hillary supporters

And par for the course, Stahl wants to magnify the unjustified fear many have. Or perhaps truthfully, we need to remind Stahl and all of the MSM that their fear is mostly resulting from the feeds the MSM have been providing for the past year.


The LGBT fear

The LGBT seems to have avoided any verification of their feelings as Trump noted them during his speech right after his win. When it comes to marriage equality, he stays by the Supreme Court Decisions.


Donald’s temperament

Stahl asks the family about Donald’s temperament and how he should handle it…

Stahl makes a fatal mistake here — respect is earned not commanded, and Trump commands respect. There is an undertone that Trump demands respect — while she, and the MSM, ignored the present President for having don this very thing for 8 years. No, no bias here…


Stahl again makes the mistake of asking Trump his strategy against our enemies and he reminds her yet again he is not going to tip those cards

At this point I’M ready to yell at her with “What part of NO do you not understand lady? the N?? or the O???“…



Preconditions will be kept. Better healthcare for less money he is promising, no lapse…


Family involvement in the administration

Self-evident from their responses…


Damage to the Trump brand as a result of the campaign


FYI – Trump hotels have seen a drastic increase in reservations in the last week, what was the question again???

Donald shifts the focus back to where it belongs — an America and its people…


TruePundit Analysis

Though their analysis seems a bit exaggerated, that could be me as I have not watched media news for 30 plus years —  I have however been following the web and social media since they both arrived on the scene… Further underling the lack of need for MSM ANY from message (not just the U.S. President), those days are indeed over.


The mainstream media, namely CBS News this time, Still doesn’t get it. They are toast.

A portion of the sloppy and lazy 60 Minutes hit piece Sunday on President Elect Donald Trump only furthers this point.

CBS correspondent Lesley Stahl, looking like she was made up for a big night out at Bingo, tried to blame and repeatedly scold Trump for street riots in an over-the-top condescending tone throughout the interview. Then in perhaps the most telling portion of the one-on-one, Stahl attempted to get Trump to disavow using Twitter and social media as President.

Trump all but laughed in her face. Trump politely tried to explain to Stahl that he doesn’t need CBS News to convey his message to the American people when he can do it himself. Stahl seemed bewildered. A U.S. President wouldn’t use the media to convey his message?

No, Lesley. Those days are over.


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