What Liberty, Even Decisive Liberty, Is Not

A recent attack by two Liberals on our Facebook page made us realize we have not shared what liberty, especially decisive liberty, is not — too many Liberals believe what they believe for many reasons, however, the foundation of their beliefs are found in a set of rules and a defined strategy that was published during the 1960’s.

Many Liberals today are clueless they are applying and utilizing them even if the know about them and deny they are doing such.

Actions speak much louder than anything they say… which is something they, for whatever reason, to which they are totally oblivious — the first amendment does nothing to protect the wise… and the Liberally stupid.

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Questions to Ask About Palestine — or About Any Country — Claiming History and Sovereignty

Originally posted 2015-02-08 00:17:04. With thanks to Yashiko Sagamori If you are sure that ”Palestine, the country, goes back through most of recorded history”, then there are a few basic questions about Palestine (or any country for that matter) that can provide answers which would provide ample evidence of its existence,

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An Open Letter To Dennis Prager And Dave Rubin

Originally posted 2019-07-21 08:08:40. Leftist? Liberal? Democrat? Which Is Which? You May Think You Know But Odds Are You Not Even Close Words are important – 50+ years of PC has muddied definitions, so much so even professionals are misusing words. Going to start this off with a recent post

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If Liberals Hate POTUS This Much, To What Level Of Hate Do They Have for Those On This List?

Originally posted 2018-09-05 22:25:14. Why does God note David as man after His heart? Certainly David has done much worse than President Trump, David killed one of his military officers so he could be with his wife – how selfish was that? So imagine if the Liberals were able to

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Weapons of Mass Deception Goes Beyond the News – Why You Should Totally Avoid MSM

No sure, but I want to say this is narrated by Sharyl Attkisson. “Yes, there are now more stations and media voices, but they are all coming from the same ventriloquist….” Have never heard it put ever so succinctly. This is an older video, however, that only makes today even more of what you are about to see than less.

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What You Probably Did Not Know About the 56 Signers of Our Declaration of Independence

Originally posted 2018-01-25 23:13:46. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNOTozVp_i4&rel=0   EVERY signer of our Declaration of Independence was facing a death penalty if caught — not just for himself, but for his entire family. England, at the time, was THE world power and would not have treasonous members in their Colonies. The lack of

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Linda Collins-Smith - AR Senator Tom Cotton - Kathy Hall

DEVELOPING: Kathy Hall Gone Missing Enroute to SCOTUS to Assist In Lawsuit Against Arkansas CPS

Kathy Hall was a close contact of Linda Collins-Smith and is assisting in a lawsuit against the Arkansa CPS, of which SCOTUS is to have a hearing on whether to proceed with the case. She and her husband have gone missing on their way to the airport.

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Where are George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Podesta brothers?

Have you noticed just HOW these 3 have slipped into the background, taking advantage of other events getting the spotlight to suddenly be ‘unavailable’? Watch the shell game, NOT the shells… Bookmark(0) Please login to bookmark

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Author Vanessa Neumann Shares a Passage of "Blood Profits" (How You Are Unwittingly Funding Terrorists)

Venezuelan money, Colombia drugs, North Korea, Iraq, Iran, Hezbollah… Author Vanessa Neumann discusses how money from illegally purchased goods is filtered to terrorist groups and organized crime in her book, “Blood Profits.” Here’s a portion of her discussion from Books & Books​ in Coral Gables, Florida​…. Duration 1m 59s International

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