The 1 Point That Exposes the Progressive Agenda

First, What Is Progressivism?

Progressivism dictates that the principles of our founding, which are found pointedly in our Declaration of Independence, are irrelevant ever since it’s founding by Woodrow Wilson.

Their reasoning — human nature and science has advanced greatly since the 1800’s.

Notice there is nothing about God in any of that…

As such, they believe the restrictions on government power placed by our Constitution are no longer necessary to protect liberty.

So why do Progressives believe they have a better way to protect liberty?

Along with the advancements of human nature and science, they believe that our rights are determined by social expediency.

As such, our rights should only be bestowed by the government and that government must be able to adapt to ever-changing historical circumstances.

Bottom line —
Progressives do not believe
that individuals are endowed
with inalienable rights
by a Creator.

From my own studies, almost anything that starts with ‘social’ ends up finding its way to collectivism, socialism, communism, ‘pick-any-social’-ism…

And anything without God has only invited another spirit to dominate in His place…


Social Expediency vs. Character

George Washington, undeniably the most solid of character of leaders in our country,​ commented quite infrequently on many things that were already supported by all his actions throughout his life.

I say character without any descriptive as Washington himself believe public and private character don’t exist — only character.

Thinking about that, to have two sets of character would mean you would have to choose which one to abide by with every person you meet —

What of the person that is of a public relationship that becomes private, then sees a different character?

Whom does he trust – the public character? or the private character?

How does one maintain an equal standing on two character traits when most cannot even a truthful standing with themselves?

Returning to George Washington, when he did speak his actions, commitment, attitude, and stance were already established.

Anyone that was of few words and this much action only amplifies their actions which is the character of Washington.

And the one point that the Progressive agenda ignores, and wants everyone else to ignore, yet is the one point that exposes their agenda are these words from George Washington…

“What students would learn in American schools
above all is the religion of Jesus Christ. . . .

It is the duty of all Nations
to acknowledge
the providence of Almighty God,
to obey his will,
to be grateful for his benefits, and<
humbly to implore his protection and favors.”

With those words it is easy see how, in Washington’s heart, being a Patriot, being an American, was second to being a Christian…


We need to transfer Washington’s comments into our actions, our disciplines, our habits.


Every new day brings with it a clean slate.



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