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What Liberty, Even Decisive Liberty, Is Not

A recent attack by two Liberals on our Facebook page made us realize we have not shared what liberty, especially decisive liberty, is not — too many Liberals believe what they believe for many reasons, however, the foundation of their beliefs are found in a set of rules and a defined strategy that was published during the 1960’s.

Many Liberals today are clueless they are applying and utilizing them even if the know about them and deny they are doing such.

Actions speak much louder than anything they say… which is something they, for whatever reason, to which they are totally oblivious — the first amendment does nothing to protect the wise… and the Liberally stupid.

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As the Greatest Hope to Society is Individual Character, Can Society Count on You?

What is most important today, and all the more so since WWII, is the restoration of individual character, first and foremost. And we must do so with a sense of urgency that sends a message to those not willing to do participate that they are the problem and without exception, their lack of interest in the restoration of character is not acceptable.

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Growing Pains

Seems our features are taking more resources than our current host provider can deliver, which is part of the reason we have been having challenges with our automation. This most likely will mean our site will be down for a day or two while we transfer everything to a new host. Will advise once our site has returned to its functional state at that time. Thank you for your patience! In the few months we…

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How to Make A National Impact At Your Local and State Level

Action… the ONE thing the determines your direction and where you end up. Your actions do not have to be the cure-all for what is happening, however, your actions – singularly as well as collectively as a group – can be the discerning factor in which direction your local and State takes. View more to learn more… (archive

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Marines and sailors from India Company, 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment, make their way to a Marine Medium Tiltorotor Squadron 365 MV-22 Osprey near checkpoint 52 at Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms, Calif. to fly out to Range 210 to conduct the Clear, Hold, Build Exercise 2H March 3. As the heloborne company, India was the only 3/3 company to fly into position for the exercise.

The Status of the American War Fighter… And What You Need to Do NOW!

One of the many honors and blessings I have through social media is knowing are some of our finest military’s stars – John Bernard is one of them. John would probably be the first to raise his eyebrow at the word ‘finest’ but he is also humble enough to accept that compliment. He currently is the owner of Bernard Woodworking and was a  First Sergeant in the Marines – which means he still is a…

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Lack of Wisdom: Why SCOTUS Is Ignoring Why Our Country Was Founded

Believing in God is not enough as even Satan believes in God… Knowing about God is not enough as even Satan knows about God… Reading and memorizing scripture is not enough as many will do so only with an agenda to twist the content to their own liking… What separates the two is obedience to what God wants for us… and that includes you, that includes SCOTUS (

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Hillary’s Negative Influence of Major Players in Governments Across the Globe

This is a repost, in full, from Breibart. Frances Martel has broken Hillary’s negative influences into 5 categories – Migrant Crisis, Emboldened Autocrats, Emboldened Corruption, Jihadist Boom and Collapse of State. These are her “accomplishments” that neither her own campaign won’t talk about and the Main Stream Media dare not talk about.   Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton – as senator, secretary of state, and active partner in the Clinton Foundation – has had the…

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In Spite of President Higgins, the Hope of Ireland Is In Its Grassroots Campaign

Whist Ireland’s President Higgins waffled on at length about the least fortunate in global society and how Ireland was playing its part to assist those disenfranchised, like the political coward he is, he never alluded to Ireland’s behaviour which has been the cause of much human misery. The Republic of Ireland has for decades hidden its dark past about domestic child abuse within State and quasi-Irish State institutions. The Church, church schools, orphanages, hospitals, work-houses, and even the Irish Boy Scouts organisations have a history of incest and grotesque child sexual abuse by those in authority.

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A Clear and Present Danger

Getting Grounded First, be advised there are a LOT of links in this post, mostly to assist you if you are not up to date on recent U.S. history. If you believe you are then I challenge you to test your beliefs. Our biases will distort even the simplest of things and only when we research and test our beliefs as well as intuition do we discover how many times we are wrong… This is…

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If It is Not Serving the Company Well Then Ditch the HR Department – or at least redesign it!

This article, from American Thinker and reposted below, is very much on the mark. is being ignored by the HR industry as much as they will ignore any conservative thought, never mind organization. I know as I have seen such happen first hand in the 20+ years I worked as a consultant throughout the U.S. and Europe – the HR department, the enforcer of company policies, is the most political department of most any company,…

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Classic Liberals Are Quickly and Diligently Separating Themselves from Regressive Liberals

The above is a recent image of Michelle Malkin that was overlaid with her definition of Liberals, which – when not cropped out – says, Liberals see racism where it doesn’t exist, fabricate it when they can’t find it, and ignore it within their own ranks. Until recently, I would have agreed with her wholeheartedly — however, in the past few weeks there has been a rapidly growing number of Liberals who are separating themselves…

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