by Garrett O’Brien, originally published 04-Apr-2015, updated 08-Sep-2022

Words Mean Everything

During the summer of 2014, Princeton University noted in one of their research that the U.S. is no longer an actual democracy…

OK, stop.

From that one statement alone, if you had graduated from Princeton you should seriously be pursuing a refund — you would think in all their research they would have found out the U.S. was NEVER a democracy as our Founding Fathers went out of their way to be sure one was never set up.

You will not find the word ‘democracy’ in the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, ANY of the State Constitutions, the Pledge of Allegiance, nor our National Anthem.

You will, however, find the word Republic once in the U.S. Constitution — Article 4, Section 4 — as follows…

The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened), against domestic Violence.

By definition, a Democracy is mob rule — 50%+1 on ANY vote, which means the favored laws of the day would be subject to the fickleness of feelings for the day…

By definition, a Republic is ruled by laws where one person can challenge any law through a judicial process.

The majority is defined by law as well (50%+1; 60%; 67%; etc.)

The form of our government is a Constitutional Republic that uses a democratic process…

A democratic process in a government does not make it a Democracy.

Tyranny-Minded Democrats

If that were the case, and based upon their actions for the past few decades, then the left should be saying they are Tyrannists and not Liberals and Globalists as they have been suppressing and attempting to stifle any opposing views – but then again, tyranny seems to be the end product they want to achieve, is it not?…

And their impression and attempts to stifle has a lengthy list, to wit…

  • Baltimore riots
  • California – where do we start???…
  • Chicago – always having a problem with guns
  • Ferguson – riots
  • Kenosha – riots and the 2A challenge for Kyle needing to protect himself
  • New York City – where so we start???…
  • Portland OR – riots
  • Seattle – riots
  • Antifa
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Liberal judges create their own policies, protocols, AND law
  • the injuries and deaths from COVID and COVID vaccines
  • the censorship of doctors sharing their very successful COVID treatment discoveries for COVID in Big Tech, the MSM, and in any Liberal-orientated organization
  • Critical Race Theory is being subtly taught to our children without parental knowledge
  • The Islam theocracy is being forced upon our children without parental knowledge (usually through CAIR)
  • forcing our soldiers to be vaccinated
  • demanding masks for a so-called virus that has a 99.97% survival rate
  • permitting a child to determine their gender
  • permitting men in women’s sports, locker rooms, and bathrooms
  • our southern border

Do we really need to keep listing their patheticness of hiding what is happening?

Anyone watching any of the MSM channels or online content knows very well that the riots were called peaceful demonstrations, Antifa is paid through the Open Society, BLM channeled their donations from citizens and corporations into Act Blue who in turn channeled money to all Democrat politicians.

All of this is online – but don’t Google, Bing, or Yahoo it as they are in on the con as well, we use FreeSpace, Qwant, Start Page, Mojeek, Metager, or Swiss Cows for starters during our research.

If you haven’t used any of our recommendations then run your searches in parallel with Google, Bing, or Yahoo with our recommendations – you decide from there.

Your Attitude Towards Money Determines Your End Result

Returning to the research…

In 2014, by asking “[w]ho really rules?”, researchers Martin Gilens and Benjamin I. Page argue archive that over the past few decades America’s political system has slowly transformed from a democracy into an oligarchy archive , where wealthy elites wield the most power.

To this much, only those that hate Trump more than they love our country will disagree with this statement.

But hold on…

When has anyone who has been poor really been in any prominent political office?

Even better, why would we want anyone of average means in the office?

Our Presidency is THE most powerful and influential office in the world – but only when it is occupied by someone that knows how to lead from that position.

Throughout the Bible, even most of the spiritual leaders were wealthy, and a few were even notably elite (such as Job)…

So, is it the money?

Or is it the attitude towards faith who are blessed with the money?

It is not any big secret that Congress, in general, is rich, on both sides of the aisle – though We the People have to start looking into how someone making $175,000 per annum goes from $3-5 million to $35+ million in 4 to 8 years time, even more, if they go past 8 years… Like Pelosi, Feinstein, McConnell.

Liberals (aka Globalists), in general, are stingy when it comes to charity at any level, they’re tighter than a frugal Irishman (I’m Irish, I can say this) – but frugality with $175,000 per annum doesn’t equate to an increase that is 10-times greater in personal wealth in a short time.

You would also be hard-pressed to find Liberals in a church that follows the Bible closely as well – notice I didn’t say they didn’t attend church but rarely do we find a Liberal in a church that follows the Word of God as written instead of a doctrine of organized religion, and even then we are finding them being uninvited from their church.

They are the most uncreative group of people you will ever meet – evident by their nasty habit of taking everything in content, totally ignoring the context, and inserting that content into anything they feel apropos, especially with scripture.

Many Republicans aren’t saints by any means either — to their they are much more generous towards charity and many of them are much more familiar with the context of the  Word of God over church doctrines.

Even the most ardent student of the Bible is not perfect about the context of the Word of God — but at any given moment they could mop the floor with a Liberal in a debate focused on the context of the Word of God.

OK, enough harping on content and context – the other difference towards money by both parties is this…

Liberals are notorious for going heavy on social programs just as long as they are using someone else’s money (most of the time, yours!) – they do this to make the gullible taxpayers dependent upon them.

True Republican politicians will find means to fund a project through various means while minimizing or eliminating any tax on the people.

And many Republican citizens start businesses anywhere they see a need – their customers will tell you who is focused on their needs and not on getting rich.

When getting rich is a by-product and not an end result, businesses always fare much better.

There is another factor to take into consideration…

The 3rd Crisis of Our Political History: Progressivism and the “Living” Constitution

Since the 63rd Congress, the United States has been under a continuous crisis in its political history — that of Progressivism.

This is the 3rd crisis of our political history — the first 2 being our Revolution and our Civil War.

This Progressive movement was started with Woodrow Wilson in 1913, which is also the start of the 63rd Congress, and was aided by Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, the Clintons, the Obamas, the Bidens, and multiple politicians especially in the Senate and House Leadership positions.

The Progressives reject our Judeo-Christian principles, including our notions of a fixed human nature and inalienable natural rights.

Instead, Progressives believe in a human nature that evolves and changes, which in turn justifies their efforts to break down the separation of powers in order to expand the size and scope of government far beyond our Founders’ intent.

Wilson also introduced the concept of our Constitution is a “living” document – one that needs to change with the times.

For someone that had a Ph.D., he really didn’t read our Consitution as well as our Declaration of Independence very well as there is nothing in both that has a time-sensitivity trait to it, save the need for departing from England.

Add to this, a living document consistent adds more power to those in power while our Constitution from the get-go limits government power and increases the of the people.

Our Causes

In order to understand fully this crisis, we must understand the causes of America.

America has 4 causes…

  • A Material Cause — primarily the land and the people
  • An Efficient Cause — the Founding Founders who led the Revolution in the name of the American people
  • A Formal Cause — the Constitution, especially the structure of government it establishes, and
  • A Final Cause — the principles of free government outlined in the Declaration of Independence

The American Founding sought to conserve the oldest and highest law, which according to the Declaration of Independence is “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God.”

The Founders compared the natural law to the conventional law under which they lived, and—as described so eloquently and succinctly in the Declaration of Independence—determined that a revolution was justified in the name of this higher law.

Again, the Progressives reject all this as it goes against their belief in a human nature that evolves and changes, which nullifies their justification and efforts to break down the separation of powers in order to expand the size and scope of government.

So, who has had the majority control of Congress starting with the 63rd Congress?

Senate House
Congr Years Tot D R Oth Vac Tot D R Oth Vac
63rd 1913–15 96 51 44 1 435 290 127 18
64th 1915–17 96 56 39 1 435 231 193 8 3
65th 1917–19 96 53 42 1 435 2101 216 9
66th 1919–21 96 47 48 1 435 191 237 7
67th 1921–23 96 37 59 435 132 300 1 2
68th 1923–25 96 43 51 2 435 207 225 3
69th 1925–27 96 40 54 1 1 435 183 247 5
70th 1927–29 96 47 48 1 435 195 237 3
71st 1929–31 96 39 56 1 435 163 267 1 4
72nd 1931–33 96 47 48 1 435 2162 218 1
73rd 1933–35 96 59 36 1 435 313 117 5
74th 1935–37 96 69 25 2 435 322 103 10
75th 1937–39 96 75 17 4 435 333 89 13
76th 1939–41 96 69 23 4 435 262 169 4
77th 1941–43 96 66 28 2 435 267 162 6
78th 1943–45 96 57 38 1 435 222 209 4
79th 1945–47 96 57 38 1 435 243 190 2
80th 1947–49 96 45 51 435 188 246 1
81st 1949–51 96 54 42 435 263 171 1
82nd 1951–53 96 48 47 1 435 234 199 2
83rd 1953–55 96 46 48 2 435 213 221 1
84th 1955–57 96 48 47 1 435 232 203
85th 1957–59 96 49 47 435 234 201
86th 1959–61 98 64 34 4363 283 153
87th 1961–63 100 64 36 4374 262 175
88th 1963–65 100 67 33 435 258 176 1
89th 1965–67 100 68 32 435 295 140
90th 1967–69 100 64 36 435 248 187
91st 1969–71 100 58 42 435 243 192
92nd 1971–73 100 54 44 2 435 255 180
93rd 1973–75 100 56 42 2 435 242 192 1
94th 1975–77 100 61 37 2 435 291 144
95th 1977–79 100 61 38 1 435 292 143
96th 1979–81 100 58 41 1 435 277 158
97th 1981–83 100 46 53 1 435 242 192 1
98th 1983–85 100 46 54 435 269 166
99th 1985–87 100 47 53 435 253 182
100th 1987–89 100 55 45 435 258 177
101st 1989–91 100 55 45 435 260 175
102nd 1991–93 100 56 44 435 267 167 1
103rd 1993–95 100 57 43 435 258 176 1
104th 1995–97 100 48 52 435 204 230 1
105th 1997–99 100 45 55 435 207 226 2
106th 1999–01 100 45 55 435 211 223 1
107th 2001–03 100 50 50 435 212 221 2
108th 2003–05 100 48 51 1 435 205 229 1
109th 2005–07 100 44 55 1 435 202 231 1 1
110th 2007–09 100 49 49 2 435 233 198 4
111th 2009–2011 100 57 41 2 2 435 256 178 1
112th 2011–13 100 51 47 2 435 193 242
113th 2013–15 100 54 45 1 435 201 234
114th 2015–17 100 44 54 2 435 188 246 1
115th 2017–19 100 46 52 2 435 194 241 1
116th 2019–21 100 46 52 2 435 235 199 1
117th 2021–23 100 48 50 2 435 219 211 5
NOTE: All figures reflect the immediate results of the elections
1. Democrats organized House with help of other parties
2. Democrats organized House due to Republican deaths
3. Proclamation declaring Alaska a state-issued Jan 3, 1959
4. Proclamation declaring Hawaii a state-issued Aug. 21, 1959
Source: Office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives

We the People are the ones to blame for this — but that does NOT mean the Progressives are free from blame.

They did whatever they could in their power to get into power — and now that they are they there?

We need to do whatever we can in our power to remove them from office — mostly through educating ourselves as well as educating others.

There will be those that will be adamant — don’t bother with them, they would rather embrace audacity than embrace liberty.

But others can be persuaded — and many have been already by their own kind…

Just remember, Progressivism — and anything else not of our Founding Father’s vision — is nothing more than a gradual and silent encroachment by those in power.

I believe there are more instances of the abridgement of freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments by those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.
— James Madison

Final return to the research and the oligarchy being formed — many Republicans can’t walk away from this as they are just as guilty as most, if not all, left wingers.

However, we have been walking through our history for far too long asking God to stand aside instead of us taking a stand by His side…

How much longer do you think an oligarchy will exist live if we do?

How quickly will the oligarchy take over everything if we don’t?

Get your copies of our Declaration of Independence – reproduction, PDF, or both – by clicking either or both buttons below…


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Reflections from Decisive Liberty

The following stance is stated in the final paragraph of the oration given for the unveiling of our Statue of Liberty on the 28th of October, 1886....

... there is room in America and brotherhood for all who will support our institutions and aid in our development; but those who come to disturb our peace and dethrone our laws are aliens and enemies forever.

You can view the full oration by clicking here.

We at Decisive Liberty are committed to this stance and welcome all - if you have not already - to join us in learning to live by this stance.

There are only 2 nations that have placed God within their Constitution: one was created by God for the people He loves, the other created by the people who love Him.

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