Opportunity Knocks for Peace In the Levant

Originally posted 2018-10-01 21:25:12.

Trump Administration Peace Plan

There has been a number of press reports about the Trump Administration ‘peace plan’ this year.

Usually the reports are based on statements, or purported statements, from members of the administration and other parties involved in discussions.

While we don’t know what is in the administration’s plan, based on these reports we do have some idea of what has been talked about, even if these things do not make it into the actual plan. 

The Greater Gaza Plan

One of the topics discussed was an idea that has been floated as ‘The Greater Gaza Plan’.

This plan initially proposed by a retired Israeli General, suggested Egypt provide some land in North Sinai to be added to Gaza, the construction of a seaport, airport, and other infrastructure to give Gaza enough land and infrastructure to solve all of their problems. 

To give some credence that this idea was being considered, the Trump administration was playing up the ‘humanitarian crisis in Gaza’ a few months ago and promising ‘massive’ investment in the Gaza Strip if Hamas would just stop killing Jews for a little while.

So there is a high probability that something along these lines is, or at least at one time, was included in the Trump plan.

The Jordan Confederation

Another idea raised was the three state solution, promoted by Ambassador John Bolton in 2014.

Basically returning Gaza to Egypt, which the Egyptians still refuse, and aligning parts of Judea and Samaria into a confederation with Jordan, which the Jordanians have also refused.

Where Is the Focus?

Whether these were 2 separate plans or 2 parts of the same plan is not clear and perhaps no longer relevant.

The fact that neither of these ideas address…

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