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Friendships with Arab Countries, Plight in South Africa, Christians in Pakistan, Iran & the EU, Saudi & Khashoggi, BDS

Israel’s Increasing Friendship with Arab Countries

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In this last week Israel’s relations with the Sunni Arab world went through a metamorphosis.

Netanyahu visited Oman in what was by all accounts an exceptional diplomatic success and the attractive Israeli Judo squad were a major hit in the UAE world championships.

The Israeli flag was paraded in medal winning ceremonies to loud applause.

Additionally the respected Bahraini writer Abdullah Al-Junaid (see image above) proposed normalisation of relations with Israel.

Such media output is always State sanctioned and is a clear indication of planned future development probably with Saudi approval.

This positive news for Israel did not manage to find its way into the BBC nor other mainstream media outlets.

However a BBC Radio interview with an anti Israeli commentator, Ian Black , was recorded regarding the Oman visit and naturally given a totally negative slant.

A high level Israeli delegation also visited Chad, a Muslim country in Africa who cut off diplomatic relation swith Israel in 1972 – embassies will soon be restored a clear sign of Africa’s increasing trade and political renewals of relationships with Israel.

As at the time of writing I gather a prominent Saudi cleric has come out in support of the Jewish community in Pittsburgh – ”The Times They Are A Changing”.

Paradoxically the Palestinian Authority confirmed their non recognition of Israel.

The Plight of Racist South Africa


On Wednesday October 31st, I watched the BBC’s Stephen Sackur, not the sharpest pencil in the box, interview the equally unimpressive South African, Minister for Energy, Thembisli Majola.

Given the brutally negative media campaign waged against Donald Trump when he pulled out of the climate change accord, South Africa’s record on polluting the planet, which is frankly disgraceful has been completely ignored.

South Africa relies 90% on the most atmospheric polluting (nitrogen dioxide) coal fired power stations and renewables count for just under 4 per cent of energy output.

Unemployment is an official 27%, unofficially nearer 35% and poverty is officially 50% and unofficially, 57%.

The country is violent, corrupt, tribal, poor, and getting poorer… Oh for the days of Apartheid.

Two former leaders, Mbeki and Zuma, both corrupt, are calling Rhamposas’s Government, wait for this – Black Racist.

Financial corruption is endemic and so is violence and poverty.

Land grabbing from white South Africans is now part of the political agenda – is this not racism?

Let’s just review some statistics and let the reader decide about the well being of South Africa, pre- and post-Apartheid.

During the Apartheid years 1948-1994, life expectancy rose from 38 years (1900-1948) to 64 years.

Infant mortality rates decreased from 174 to 55 deaths per thousand during the same period.

Of the 21,000 deaths, 92% were black on black tribal and during the most violent years of apartheid 518 deaths, that was 5.6%, were caused by the South African security forces.

After Apartheid, during the years 1994 to 2000, the death toll caused by tribalism soared to 174,220 officially, unofficially probably another 10% – and since that time the rate is calculated at circa 75 per 100,000 population.

With a population of 56.77 million that equates to nearly 43,000 deaths yearly caused by tribalism .

Missing from the interview was any reference to corruption, racism, violence, or tribalism.

A BBC whitewash from a professionally incompetent and cowardly BBC presenter,

Apartheid or tribalism, you decide.

Christians in Pakistan

Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi has death penalty conviction…

Pakistan’s Supreme Court has acquitted a Christian woman who has been on death row for almost eight years on blasphemy charges.

List – Wikipedia

List (watercraft), the leaning to either port or starboard of a ship Lists (jousting), the barriers used to designate the tournament area where medieval knights jousted List, an alternative term for roll in flight dynamics; To list a building etc. in the UK: designate it a listed building that may not be altered without permission


A Pakistani Christian woman has spent 8 years of solitary confinement in appalling conditions in a Pakistani jail, awaiting death for blasphemy.

The BBC as is typical in their disregard for Christian values have just reported her release in a very brief – less than 20-second news item.

How is it that the plight of Christians in medieval Islamic countries is so worthless of news coverage, and moreover, how is it that Pakistan has a seat at the world table given such barbaric prejudices.

Where was the outpouring of disgust by the news media about Pakistan’s racist and legal discrimination against non Muslim religions and nationalities as written into their constitution.

Compare this to the saturation, negative media vomit when Israel recently passed the modest and completely acceptable Nation State Law.

Moreover, the BBC and all other mainstream Western news channels, gave saturation coverage during a stage managed videoed incident of a Palestinian teenager slapping an Israeli soldier.

The BBC devoted 240,000 hours of this incident with follow through on all of its news output sources.

Unfortunately for the intellectually retarded Palestinian girl and her equally backward family, thanks to the BBC they are currently the laughing stock of the Arab world.

The girl came out of prison 15 kilos heavier thanks to the Israeli hummus and falafel she gorged on and Arabs worldwide are livid that no news cover was given to the 4,000 Palestinians slaughtered during the same period by Syrian, Russian, and Iranian troops in Syria.

At least 25,000 Christians have been slaughtered in Pakistan since the implementation of discriminatory laws against Christians.

Where are the western news channels?


Riots are continuing in Pakistan about the non implementation of the death penalty on this Christian woman and her lawyer has been forced to leave the country for fear of his life.


It will come as no surprise that the slaughter of 7 Coptic Christians in Egypt by Islamic terrorists also went unnoticed.

EDITOR’S UPDATE: Just as we were preparing this post for publication, the husband of Asia Bibi appealed on Sunday (4-Nov) to U.S. President Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May as Asia was acquitted but not released after countrywide protests [click here for the latest story].


Iran and the European Union

The EU wanted to avoid sanctions as an affront to Donald Trump .In fact they wanted to expand trade with the mad Mullahs but Denmark has spoiled the party.

Apparently the Iranians were plotting to kill an Iranian / Danish opponent of the regime, the Danes discovered it and are looking to the EU for total support.

The Danes incidentally are the nation that banned the Burkha.

What will the EU do – support the Shia sponsors of global terrorism or back the Danes?…

Watch this space.

Saudi and Khashoggi

Well hasn’t it gone quiet?

The Saudis have managed themselves out of a sticky corner and I think our exposure of the State sponsored killings of journalists in Malta, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Turkey, and Iran may have given them some ammunition.

I expect this will have no further news impact of importance,

Paradoxically, the Iranians were rubbing their hands with glee over the comical killing of the worlds’s least respected journalist but hasn’t it gone badly for them?

Why, I hear you asking.

The Iranians though that Turkey was going to come into the Russian-Turkey-Iranian axis but Turkey wants back into the Western Alliance and by going soft on Saudi has managed to do just that.

I am no fan of Erdogan but thanks to Saudi’s clumsiness he has played a blinder as we say in the UK.


October has been a terrible month for BDS…

India signing a billion dollar defence contract

China and Intel investing billions in Israel

SadaStream inventing technology that will be used globally to clear our oceans of plastic

An Israeli invention to stop sufferers of Parkinson’s disease shaking

Israeli technology now allows doctors to review 3D images from ultrasound scans and hundreds of hospitals and governments want this to be made available generally.

Rwanda embassy opening and High level Israel delegation welcomed in Chad – first time since 1972

Oman hosting an extraordinarily successful meeting with Netanyahu

Abu Abu Dhabi hosting an Israeli Culture Minister who visited Mosque

Israeli judo team who won medals and the Hatikvah with waving Israeli flags to rapturous applause

High profile Bahraini politician calling for recognition of Israel

Brazil’s new President being anti-Palestinian and stating the Brazilian embassy will relocate to Jerusalem

The EU are to use Israeli drones to watch over European coastlines

BDS are apoplectic and all they revert to on their website is the cancellation 3 months ago of a 3rd rate pub singer from New Zealand.

Economists calculated that after PepsiCo bought SodaStream it would take the cancellation of 23 concerts a week for 150 years to have a similar impact on Israel’s GDP and that’s assuming the funds received remained inactive.

And finally Denmark made it illegal to fund any group involved with BDS

In order, we expect BDS to –
– protest outside curry Indian restaurants or at least stop ordering Indian takeaways
– barrack and boo those suffering from Parkinsons and their carers
– call Rwandans racist outside their embassies and call for genocide reenactment
– protest outside embassies of the Gulf States calling them Jew lovers
– boycott anything from Brazil including those football clubs with Brazilian players
– protest against environmentalists like the Greens
– boycott bacon and Heineken beer

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