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Guess who came out on top?


Monday, November 21st – At a gathering of Sunni Muslim scholars from the Afghan Ulema Council commemorating the birth of the prophet Mohammed, at least 55 killed and more than 100 wounded, of which, more than 20 were reported to be in a critical condition.

Tuesday, November 20th – At least 50 killed and 150 injured in a suicide bombing at a wedding reception near the International Airport in Kabul.

September – 20 people killed, including 2 journalists on a wrestling club.

August – 34 people killed at an education centre

January 1st – June 30th 2018 – according to a U.N. report, at least 1700 civilians killed, a figure higher than at any other comparable period during the last 10 years.

The BBC, other than minor reference to the last incident on a hard to find website page, are contemptuous of the atrocities being carried out on the mainly Sunni civilian victims.

The BBC’s inertia is comparable to the total lack of reporting during the genocides in Africa between 1975 to date.

I assure those desperate Afghans if they change their names to Palestinians and report that the murders were undertaken not by ISIS or the Taliban but by Zionists, the BBC will have a team of hundreds and saturation news coverage will accrue forthwith.

Khashoggi’s Death vs Fares Death

The death of the revisionist ‘journalist’ Jamal Khashoggi has received global saturation coverage continuing into its 5th week.

The Saudi dissident was an embarrassment to the Saudi regime and his death in gruesome circumstances has attracted exceptional media reporting.

But why have the deaths of other such journalists been ignored by the media and their so called close knit community family of professionals?

One very recent murder of a Syrian journalist is reported below – barely a word of output.

None on TV and just a paragraph of text.

The murder of one of the world’s bravest journalist, consistently critical for years of a murderous Syrian regime, its allies and even other murderous terrorist organisations both supporting and fighting against terror goes unnoticed.


The answer lies within the cowardice, inertia, and political agenda of those mainstream news outlets.

Had Raed Fares been a critic of Trump, Saudi, or Israel rest assured this poor mans death would have been given similar media cover to that of Khashoggi.

It is not the murder, the man, the bravery, nor the journalists sticking together that determine the level of cover.

It is simply the desire to expose and embarrass those governments or institutions the ‘liberal’ media choose within their biased parameters.


A Mexican UN diplomat voices Israel’s expertise to assist Africa with climate change.


French troops kill 30 Mali Islamists and the global media takes virtually zero interest.

Mali has witnessed thousands of deaths, depravity, religious intolerance, ethnic cleansing, and apartheid in the last decade.

It has also been a nation where French ‘colonial’ troops have been operational in various military exercises for decades.

Reporting on this country is sporadic and despite an EU country being actively involved the Western media show little interest.

It is exasperating beyond the realms of human decency that total inertia reigns regarding the intolerable conditions and well being of the civilian population.


Apparently hundreds of Nigerian troops were slaughtered last weekend by Islamist rebels and as with Mali above the media virtually ignored yet another Nigerian mass assassination.

It is clear from just these 2 latest incidents that Black Lives Do Not Matter to the racist Western media.

The only time Black Lives Matter is when the victims are Black and the murderers are white…

Or perhaps if they were ‘Zionists’, the Western media would pay due attention.


President Idriss Deby to formalise ties with Israel following diplomatic meetings between the 2 countries.

The geopolitical arena is changing to favour Israel.

Chad will be the 1st Muslim Majority African nation to establish formal relationships with Israel.

BDS are having a nightmare.

Hot off the press – Bibi to visit Chad shortly.


Israel to construct a 50 megawatt solar power plant adding to the agricultural technology relationship assisting in enhancement of crop yields and water irrigation.

Yet… BDS to protest against poor Angolan farmers?

BDS Failures

BDS fail miserably to prevent record Tourism to Israel

BDS fail miserably to halt growing China-Israel trade.

China to use Israeli technology to extend its domestic broadband services.

BDS to boycott Chinese takeaways?

Technology and Innovation

Incredible Israeli medical innovative technology will save the lives of thousands globally.

BDS to target patients with and needing organ transplants to avoid using Israeli technology?

Israel’s Kadimastem medical technology company advances stem cell based bio-artificial pancreas for treatment of Type-1 diabetes.

BDS are demanding their supporters do not become diabetics!!

And then, there is this…

AP Photo/Lee Jin-man, File

South Korea Buys 2 Israeli Early Warning Radar Systems

Written by i24NEWS

The arms buy comes amid a rapprochement with its northern neighbour

The South Korean arms procurement agency DAPA announced on Tuesday that it would buy two Israeli early warning radar systems.

DAPA decided to purchase two Green Pine radar systems, built by ELTA Systems, a subsidiary of the Israeli state-owned Israel Aerospace Services.

The Green Pine radar is a truck-mounted, portable system, designed to track long range missiles under “all weather conditions and in the presence of undesired signals”, according to ELTA.

The sale, of which details have not yet been made public, could come to 330 billion won ($292 million), and deployed in the early 2020s, according to a South Korean official reached by the Reuters news agency.

The contract, which comes amid a thaw in relations between the two Koreas, seems to signal the richer South intends to keep to its agenda to build a stronger air defence system, a promise it made following the North’s spate of nuclear tests in 2017.

BDS to boycott Kimche!!!

UK Politics

Incredibly productive meetings with a TV appearance on Revelation TV with ex-Labour MP Michael McCann, a meeting at the House of Lords with Lord Polak, and a meeting with one rising star of the Tory Party Johnny Mercer MP.

Left: ex-Labour MP Michael McCann | Center: Lord Polak | Right: Tory Party Johnny Mercer MP

All 3 are very good guys and of a political,ideology which I found truly enlightening and heart warming.

Trust and confidentiality does not permit me to comment but rest assured the political dynamics vis-a-vis Israel are changing to more favourable conditions regarding Israel.

Corbyn and his left wing fascists remain the most onerous threat to Israel’s well being from a UK political standpoint.

They are truly antisemitic and do not be fooled by their mutterings regarding condemnation of Israel is not being antisemitic.

Coming from them I assure you it is plain, rabid Jew hatred.

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